AIMwebs - Web is no longer just a luxury, but a nessity

 Web is no longer just a luxury, but a nessity

AIMwebs.com is a web hosting provider of multi-domain cost-effective hosting solutions for individuals and small to medium enterprises. When they established their company in 1995 the Internet and Websites were unknown concepts in most businesses. Today the Internet is the all and everything in the way everyone do business, learn and communicate. The World Wide Web is no longer just a luxury, but a nessity in many people's lives. Not to pass by being a crucial component for business.

AIMwebs made a commitment to excellence from their start in 1995. That commitment defines their products, their prices, their service, and their hosting viewpoint. They strive to offer total reliability, advanced technology, skilled personnel, and quality customer service. Through their portfolio of standardized web hosting plans, dedicated servers, e-commerce, and web-site development services, AIMwebs helps firms and individuals around the world capture their place on the Internet and make it all that it can be today ... and tomorrow. They utilize dedicated servers along with standard open architecture for their web services. AIMwebs will continue to utilize progressive technology to make your web presence seamless for you, your clients, and your internal users.
AIMwebs is a privately owned firm established in 1995 that has no debt, is profitable, and has NO intentions of selling any time soon. They offer service to hundreds of websites on their shared and reseller plans. They are NOT the world's leading provider of hosting or reseller accounts, and they have no desire to be that. But they do have the MOST loyal clients who have chosen them to offer the network, servers, and support required to build client's internet websites.


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