Expression Networks - Building on a series of strategic initiatives

Building on a series of strategic initiatives

Expression Networks is a principal worldwide provider of e-business integration solutions for companies of all sizes. The company specializes in creating, powering and managing secure e-marketplaces where multiple buyers and sellers can exchange goods and services, collaborate on business opportunities and share information faster and at lower costs. Expression Networks’ software and service solutions power global e-business communities through its E-Marketplace, E-Business Integration and E-Business Consulting solutions.

The company’s roots trace back 17 years where it originally had been a pioneer in electronic commerce, introducing middleware software and service solutions in 1997. The corporation immediately grew to become one of the region’s largest independent providers of E-business integration software and service solutions. Building on a series of strategic initiatives, Expression Networks opened its consulting branch in March 2000 to offer businesses with Internet-driven solutions and services. With major operational facilities in Mclean, Virginia and Washington DC the company has a host of direct sales offices and more than 50 distributors worldwide. Expression Networks e-business integration solutions address the most important issues companies face as they make the transition to an Internet-driven economy. These solutions help companies achieve greater competitiveness through new sales channels, improved productivity and enhanced responsiveness to customers. Through its product and service offerings, Expression Networks has founded itself as an innovator for powering world e-business communities.


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