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OjO Ink – Original digital design

OjO Ink – Original digital design

OjO Ink offers design for businesses or individuals who are looking to found a visual representation on the web. They offer many sides of art and design, including graphic design, web design and development. While understanding the current trends, they use one’s insight, skills and experience to build solid and consistent ideas that will endure in this transient world they call the internet. As your business grows they can keep your website synchronized with your new visions and ideas.


V1Hosting i-Solutions - We Can Help Your Growth.

They Can Help Your Growth.

They are located in Los Angeles, California, a Mecca for small, mid-size, large, local, national, international, onland, and online businesses of all sorts. You can trust them when it comes to business. 

Business Development / Consulting:

They have helped develop online business solutions for large and very profitable corporations. The Internet is not the future anymore, it is the present! It's not how much it will cost you to get your business online, but how much it will cost you if you don't do it. Contact them today and get professionals working with you. 

Internet Solutions:

They provide a variety of comprehensive Internet Solutions, including, but not limited to, E-Commerce, Web Design, Flash Design, Multi-media design, Web Hosting Services, Web Programming, Business Branding, eBusiness Development, and much more.

Graphic Design:

They also provide graphic and print design: logo design, business card design, flier design, brochure design, etc.

Hosting Services:

Their servers have a track record of success! They have been up uninterrupted for over 36 months. If you have hosted with other services before, you know their track record is wonderful.

Local IT Services:

Over 10 years of experience in servicing small and large businesses, private corporations, organizations, private clients, etc. If your systems help you generate income and they are important to you, they are your best option in IT Services in and around the Los Angeles area. For rates, call (562) 631-5328, and ask to speak with Alonzo.

"We are your one-stop Internet solutions provider." - the V1Hosting Solutions Team