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Internet Connection – Empowering you every step of the way

Empowering you every step of the way

Internet Connection, Inc. is a Maryland based firm specializing in first-class corporate website and email hosting solutions. Having borned 20 years ago, they are actually one of the pioneers of the web and email hosting industry. In fact, Internet Connection worked on the development of the hosting technologies in use today.

Internet Connection, Inc. began in February of 1993 when the modern web was still in its infancy. Yahoo had just been started and Web Crawler and Lycos were the only search engines available. Both Web Crawler and Lycos were crude impressions of what they know today. In order to host a website, a web designer would require both a server and a high-speed connection to the Internet, each being very costly.

During this time period, excitement about web technologies soared. Leading designers, developers, programmers, and IT technicians collaborated one’s efforts and openly exchanged what these people were learning and developing. It was at this time that the Internet was becoming a driving force in society at large.

Because of the high cost of owning a server and maintaining a high speed connection was prohibitive for the small business owner, they became heavily involved in the early research and development of what is now known as virtualization. This is what allows them to have a single server hold and host more multiple websites. With that, they are pioneers in developing technology that empowers the small business to use the Internet as an effective communications medium.

With this innovative approach to technology, their growth throughout the late 1990s has been an immense asset to them. The use of the Internet became increasingly ubiquitous and the surrounding momentum offering a great deal of synergy. This also allowed them to take an immense amount of pride in not only the products and services that they provide, but also the relationships built. To make sure that they could continue to provide the same level of high quality service that their client base had come to know, expect, and appreciate – they actually limited one’s growth.

Their business attitude has not changed since their conception in 1993. They love what they do and are continually perfecting their products. The huge growth of the Internet in the 90s enabled them to grow using their own money without the requirement for venture capital or investor funding. Today, they are still privately owned and operate using their own cash flow to finance their endeavors.

11/09/2015 – Web hosting entrepreneurs

 Web hosting entrepreneurs providing Web Hosting and Website Building Services since 1997. Your website's success is the most important to their success. So if you have any queries, suggestions, or requests, just let them know! They have over 17 years of web hosting and design experience and they are personally here to help you every step of the way.


At, they focus on entrepreneurs, home business starters, small business owners and startups. They understand that you are self-motivated, innovative and a leader. That's why they don't waste time on features that may limit your ability to create or expand. Their mission is simply to give you the tools that you require to succeed and grow rapidly. You'll enjoy the freedom and power of their products and services.

Host Go – Go with the best

Go with the best

Low cost web hosting

For basic personal, home office, and small-to-medium size business web sites, packages include everything to develop a dynamic website.


High -quality web hosting

If your business website is resource intensive and you want to do without the costs and troublesomes associated with running a dedicated server, try our high end packages.


E-commerce hosting

They have combined Miva Merchant with their superior hosting packages, which will allow you to create a professional online store easily.


Catalyst2 – Reduce your time spent on hold

 Reduce your time spent on hold

Over 10 years, thousands of clients, tens of thousands of websites and who knows how many hundred million emails later, Catalyst2 like to think they know their trade. From simple beginnings they have become one of the most trusted names in UK hosting, something they are very proud of and keen to continue.

Since January 2000 they have learnt that a dependable well supported service is rare online, thats why day, night (or 3pm on a Sunday!) they will answer the phone, its this reassurance that means a vast proportion of their new business comes from existing customer referrals (Thanks!).

They don’t have a team of hundreds, but a small dedicated group who know most customers by name, they get things done, promptly and with the minimum of fuss. Thats why they have their customer promise, freephone support and even their MD’s email address if they miss the mark.

If that sounds like it could make your hosting simpler (and reduce your time spent on hold), why not give them a call?

You can also see a short video about them and their infrastructure that they recently produced in partnership with Dell.


OjO Ink – Original digital design

OjO Ink – Original digital design

OjO Ink offers design for businesses or individuals who are looking to found a visual representation on the web. They offer many sides of art and design, including graphic design, web design and development. While understanding the current trends, they use one’s insight, skills and experience to build solid and consistent ideas that will endure in this transient world they call the internet. As your business grows they can keep your website synchronized with your new visions and ideas.


Chester County Sites – Website Hosting & Advertisement Services

Website Hosting & Advertisement Services

Chester County Sites offers a home for website files such as html, image, video and audio files. All website related files are stored on web servers (robust high-end personal computers) where they can be easily accessed around the clock. A browser, like Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, or Mozilla can easily retrieve the files from the web servers and display them on a computer monitor as web pages. FTP software is readily available to upload files to web servers 24 hours, every day.

Internet Websites or websites inform, educate and notify users with graphics and text by means of a browser and monitor. A website makes your ideas, products or services known and available to the millions of people who use the Internet to find products, services and information.

Betterwebspace Hosting – Honest hosting at an honest price

Honest hosting at an honest price

BetterWebSpace started out in the last quarter of 2002, mainly because Keiron decided he didn't want to pay for his own web hosting anymore and thought he could probably get it for free if he hosted websites for a few friends! The truth is it grew far faster than he (or anyone else) expected, and by April 2003 was already making a small profit.

In the early days BetterWebSpace was nothing more than a reseller account for a larger firm, and in fact that reseller account was far smaller than the reseller accounts we offer nowadays.

Steadily they grew, through recommendations and word of mouth advertising they realised there was no better advertisement than their satisfied customers. Their customers recommended them so much that they could stop reselling other people's space and get their own servers.

Over the years they've added more servers, starting with smaller ones and eventually consolidating some of those smaller servers into far bigger, more robust servers in both their US and UK datacenters. They became part of InnovaTech Media Ltd in 2009 and in 2011 BetterWebSpace also became a Nominet registrar allowing them far more control over their pricing of UK domains.

For a long time the business was run on a part-time basis whilst Keiron pinned down other jobs, now there's a far bigger team behind BetterWebSpace that keep it running on a day-to-day basis. This has allowed Keiron and other members of the team to go back to what they really enjoy, making peoples lives simpler through coding and automation, as well as designing customised solutions and sites for their clients.

10/21/2015 – Keys to Online Success

Keys to Online Success

Every website owner wants success, and that usually means getting to the top of the search engines.

How do I get my site listed on the first page? is the question most often asked. Recently, a question that is being asked just as frequently is, “How can I compete with all of the mobile apps and sites out there?”

Well, it starts with a well developed website built for those who never leave their desktops AND another version of that site for those who live on their mobile devices. That’s the domain of expertise. build and optimize a website so the search engine robots will crawl and index it. They also build mobile sites that today’s mobile device users will find as well as mobile apps for the Android and iOS marketplaces.

They’ve got you covered!

Their objective is to get you found, to make you stand out in a busy marketplace. They are experts at developing media presence by incorporating dramatic web design, mobile apps and mobile websites. In addition, they offer many other services including domain name registration, social networking and web hosting.

Developing a media presence starts long before the first word is typed; before the first image is created. If you want to be found on the Internet and on that hand-held mobile device almost everyone is using these days, you must plan your project to that end. They know what it means to get your business online and how to get the traffic once the site is developed. They want to help you.


ArgonHosting – To engage your potential customers and partners into a dialogue

To engage your potential customers and partners into a dialogue

Argon is a leading web design, development & hosting firm located in Central Florida. Argon services clients from around the country as well as Internationally. Argon is the firm that is passionate about assisting small businesses to accomplish their online advertising and marketing objectives. They value their clients and they deliver imaginative solutions to offer each customer with a premier solution for their investment decision.


An online presence has become essential for every firm - to lead its competition and to secure a dominant position in their respective industries. It's not only important to bring the business strategy of a firm through its website but, it is equally important to engage your potential customers and partners into a dialogue that leads to more business.


Yahoo! Web Hosting - Create your professional website in no time

Create your professional website in no time

Yahoo Web Hosting Advanced and Premier plans are compatible with your favorite tools.


Easy site design tools make it simple to create your own website.

No downloads, special software, or tech experience is necessary—everything you require is online.

You can customize free professional designs from Yahoo Web Hosting to proper your business.

A stage-by-stage guide and checklist walk you through creating a site.

They provide support for third-party design and development tools.



WebNow – Intelligent online solutions

 Intelligent online solutions

WebNow are pleased to announce that they have today launched their new completely responsive website and Customer Zone area.  They trust you will enjoy the experience and welcome any feedback and suggestions.  

On the 2nd February they announced notable price reductions in home and business capped and uncapped offerings. Effective immediately they are pleased to announce further price reductions on Home and Business Uncapped ADSL plans.


W2Kx-Web – Special hosting offer

Special hosting offer

At W2Kx-Web, they offer Windows® Hosting plans with the latest version of Windows. Currently their services ride on Windows® 2003 servers with all the latest security and patches.


Why choose Us?  Your website deserves the best quality of service. If your site is mission critical  and needs a reliable, always up presence then W2Kx-Web is the hosting choice! They provide clean server environments , this means their servers are not overloaded or allowed activity which may harm your website. Their network is monitored 24x7 to prevent abuse and to ensure the best quality of service for your website.

Their 7 day money back guarantee  ensures you will be happy with your shared web hosting service.


IdleServ – To get the most optimal performance

 To get the most optimal performance

In late October 2003, IdleServ Web Hosting Solutions was established to offer dependable and cost-effective hosting services for personal and business use. Following a successful few years they then incorporated and became IdleServ Ltd in 2007. They now have thousands of domain names pointing to their servers and have grown a strong international client base.

They are based and operate in the UK but offer their hosting services from servers located in Europe and the United States. Before you order, be sure to select the best server location for you and your website users to get the most optimal performance.  

Hosting 4 Less – To fulfill and exceed all of customer most demanding needs

To fulfill and exceed all of customer most demanding needs

Hosting 4 Less was born in 1998 with the objective of offering a customer-based web hosting service. There are numerous web hosting firms on the Web, all competing for your business, but very few truly put customer service first. There are various reasons why this happens but the most obvious one is that the firm is offering too many websites for the limited technicians they have to offer support. When a firm is hosting tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of websites, your one website is simply not important to them. At Hosting 4 Less this is not true. They have not forgotten their roots or where they came from. Each and every single account is as important to them today as when they started. They will always provide you, their customer the superior care and service to not only earn your business but more importantly keep your business.

They believe that the main focus for a firm to sustain growth, is to maintain the mind set that customer service is the number one priority. 4 Less Communications, Inc., their parent firm, is a renowned network consulting and network infrastructure firm that is a family business servicing clients throughout Southern California. This extensive background has given the firm a strong emphasis on customer service, support and the computer business as a whole. The best form of advertising, in any industry, is word of mouth. If you offer outstanding service and support, your firm will grow. Their continuing growth is a perfect example of this business principle.

Hosting is a fast-paced business that demands the most from both parties involved. As your website expands and your use on the Internet becomes more vital, you will require a firm that is ready to take on any challenge your business deems necessary. Hosting 4 Less puts the customer in the driver's seat. Simply speaking, customers tell them what customer demand and they respond. Their firm plan for expansion is simple; a slow, controlled growth, building a delicate infrastructure with state of the art equipment and expanding their facility. Most importantly, their business is focused on keeping their technical support and customer service strong.

Year by year they have continued to build and strengthen their firm. Hosting 4 Less has become well-known and highly respected in the hosting community as a web hosting company that offers high quality services at an cost effective price. Hosting 4 less is a dynamic organization comprised of a team of technical and business experts that are committed to excellence. Their team are dedicated professionals that are interested in your web hosting requirements and have the experience and resources to fulfill and exceed all of your most demanding needs.


dazil Internet Services Inc – Using search engine optimization

 Using search engine optimization

Ten years ago, everyone required a website. Web designers were in great demand. But now, a decade later, there are literally millions of different web domains and websites out there, many of which are launched, forgotten about and neglected. Many of these sites have failed to find their customers, and to ultimately create new business for their respective businesses.

Allow you customers to find your website. This means using search engine optimization so that more people get to your site. It also means joining conversations in places such as twitter and Facebook, and letting people know more about you and your organization.

Keep your website up to date. Using tools like Word press and other content management systems, you should be empowered to update your site regularly and keep things current. Adding content on a daily or even several times a day basis is what search engines like, and what users like.

Dazil Internet services is a complete-service firm, offering hosting, design and development, content management using WordPress, and ongoing support for you and your organization’s website. They are always looking for new and interesting projects, so please contact them if you are interested in discussing your needs.


SwiftSite – E-Commerce Hosting

 E-Commerce Hosting

SwiftSite want to help you make your Website a success! At SwiftSite, they have all the tools you'll require to get your presence up and running. Once you get going, you can depend on their fast servers and prime uptime. Let them help you get your Web presence jump started!


Drive up your sales with a new e-Store. Be up and running in less than an hour. All Business Plans now include complite-featured e-Stores. – Free estimates on your website or design project

 Free estimates on your website or design project

At, they've been providing cost-effective web hosting, design, & domain registration services since 2001. Their Ashburn, VA based designer has over 16 years in web and graphic design.

The name says it all... They are here to serve your website and design requirements with a personal touch. You will receive honest service at an honest price. Contact them and see how they can serve you!

One on One Internet – They are here to make your life simpler

 They are here to make your life simpler

One on One Internet is located in the heart of downtown Baltimore, Maryland. Established in 1998, One on One Internet offers robust, reliable hosting solutions for thousands of clients all over the world. They are one of the most experienced and established Tier 1 hosting firms you will find.

One on One Internet has offered web hosting solutions and a portfolio of fundamental online services since 1998. They know what it takes to gain your trust as a valued partner - 99.9% network uptime, prime customer service, and the best products and services to improve your website. They have experts working around the clock to ensure your questions get answered, and your website is running at optimal performance. They have a long history of offering excellent value and personalized customer service to their hosting clients.  They are a stable, profitable and growing organization.

One on One Internet has up-times in excess of 99%. They have redundant direct fiber connectivity to 3 Tier 1 back-bone providers. They have standby servers, hot swap drives, and a team of dedicated personnel monitoring and optimizing their servers so your website achieves top performance.

One on One Internet is continuously developing new products and innovative services that will add even more functionality to your website. Utilizing such tools will allow your site visitors to have a more interactive and enjoyable experience. They are constantly upgrading systems and implementing the advanced technology to gain your trust as a valuable business partner.

With One on One Internet, you benefit from a dedicated staffs of customer service and technical support specialists. They are here to answer all of your questions and deliver fast, accurate solutions. From password-related issues to replacing hardware and upgrading software, they are here to make your life simpler.


LinkSky Value Host – Provide a ZERO RISK, 60 day full money back guarantee

 Provide a ZERO RISK, 60 day full money back guarantee

Host with confidence on secure and reliable Linksky web hosting service systems. Includes unlimited email and one-click installations of Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla and most other popular CMS systems. They provide a ZERO RISK, 60 day full money back guarantee. Sign up today!

Take advantage of unlimited email services, added plugins and consolidated management with your Squarespace account.

This fast on-line site builder features one-click publishing to update your website, including a mobile-friendly version, and your Facebook page. Unlimited email services are included.


ZZHosting - The best value web hosting available in the world

The best value web hosting available in the world

All the hosting services provided by ZZ hosting are provisioned on their cPanel servers. cPanel is an industry leading control panel that allows you to manage every aspect of your website from creating your email accounts through to creating sub domains, MySQL databases and the use of Fantastico script installer.

Their hardware is high-specification
• ZZ hosting  use Dell servers exclusively for the reliability and performance that they deliver.
• ZZ hosting run the latest generation SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) hard drives for the maximum performance to ensure your site is always fast.
• ZZ hosting  have the latest Intel XEON processors that have been tried and tested in the corporate environment for years.

Even with the fastest hardware available, you need an operating system that can keep up with the needs that webservers get. That's why they use Linux, for its proven reliability.
Add to this their own BGP4 network for the ultimate in network reliability. What happens if your home internet goes down? You can't access any websites. Equally, the majority of web hosts are dependent on one internet offerer for their full service. This wasn't good enough for them, so what they've done is invested heavily in their network, making it so they're dependent on no-one.
If one of their ISPs goes down their network carries on without event and in the rare case that all their ISPs go down, they could bring up a new ISP in minutes not hours!
Their dedicated support staffs completes the package, giving you 100% confidence in their service.