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Arias Web Hosting – Affordable web hosting solutions

Affordable web hosting solutions

Arias Web Hosting provide affordable, feature packed Linux hosting plans for single domains, multiple domains and resellers. One is sure to satisfy your requirements. Begin with their Startup plan and upgrade at any time, all the way up to a dedicated server. They will help you every step of the way.

They provide multiple domain hosting plans. That means you are free to host as many domains and subdomains as you'd like within your space and bandwidth limits. Simply divide up the space and bandwidth as you see fit. All other features are unlimited!

10/27/2015 – Vast programming library available to serve

Vast programming library available to serve based in Asheville, North Carolina. They specialize in RedHat Linux Apache web server technology for site owners and site developers. They have a vast programming library available to serve their customers which make website solutions fast, simple and logical. ImageMagick ready and Ghostscript friendly take your technology to the next level with

Utilizing the recent technology including Flash Communications Server (FCS). They provide realtime video conferencing, audio chat rooms, live streaming viewer-interactive presentations, live video sales conferencing and auctions. Backed by their anti-corporate technical support system. Developer's find them a haven for co-operative learning and support have web hosting solutions for single domains, multiple domains, secure socket connections(SSL), streaming media, dedicated servers, shared servers, automation ai technology, mod_perl environments, and so much more. Try them out for a month with their free temp domain service. Test their waters before making the plunge.


Host Ignition – The basic principles of Host Ignition

The basic principles of Host Ignition

Host Ignition is to ignite your web presence by offering first-rate, low-cost, state-of-the-art Linux web hosting solutions that are fast, friendly and stable completely eliminating frustration, confusion and wasted time. They strive to combine the two qualities, economy and performance, together in their solutions.

Host Ignition is to level the playing field by offering small and mid-sized businesses robust, reliable, and affordable solutions that will help them found a solid Internet presence. This enables them to compete with the big competitors to gain and maintain their fair share of the online market through dedicating their time and budget on their services instead of having to worry about their website's stability.

They focus on only one operating system with empowers them to leverage an extensive amount of knowledge and talent to deliver affordable, scalable, stable and efficient platforms to clients. They offer five different packages with generous capacities and features to satisfy various levels of requirement without creating confusion and frustration in the service selection process, PLUS, they provide one of the lowest prices on the Internet!

Host Ignition are committed to offering performance-oriented services through continuous, frequent improvements of servers, network and customer service. In addition, they are committed to taking exceptional care of their customers making sure that each and every requirement is met. They do not expect their customers to conform to what they offer. Top-Quality Web Hosting Service & Customer Care are their top priority!


Mintarix Virtual Services – The internet should be easy, accessible and efficient for everyone

The internet should be easy, accessible and efficient for everyone

Mintarix' philosophy is to provide FAST, SECURE, RELIABLE but above all Web Hosting Services that are AFFORDABLE.

They pride themselves in putting YOU the customer first. They believe that the internet should be easy, accessible and efficient for everyone. Their Web Hosting Starts at $14.95/mon Can. If one of their standard packages does not fit your requirements, they will offer a custom package that does.

They are operating on Cobalt machines, which are built for virtual web hosting. The system runs on Linux with Apache Server. All administration for your site can be performed by remote, using your web browser.


Hosting Domains – Dollar for dollar, feature for feature

Dollar for dollar, feature for feature

Hosting Domains has offered low-cost, high performance web site hosting, e-commerce, FrontPage, Linux, CPanel hosting and custom services to individuals, businesses and resellers. Their full line of services and value-added products are available at the most competitive prices in the industry. Backed by prime redundancy, a high-quality, high-availability network infrastructure, and dedicated customer service and technical support. Their support team is here to bring you the most up-to-date web hosting, Domain resources, html tools and information on the Internet.

Dollar for dollar, feature for feature, the Web's best hosting plans are right here!


Zylink – Provide a variety of competitively priced hosting solutions

Provide a variety of competitively priced hosting solutions

ZyLink is a leader in business class web hosting. Zylink focuses on the requirements of independent web developers and corporate IT managers. They provide a variety of competitively priced hosting solutions.

Load balancing, clustering, backup and security services are among the many additional services they provide.

They utilize high performance Windows and Linux Servers from Dell and Sun. Since 1998 Zylink has always offered the advanced in server-side technologies.


Queen City Web Hosting – The most refined and modern equipment available

The most refined and modern equipment available

Queen City Web Hosting has been serving the requirements of small business on the web for over 8 years in the Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio area. Their services include web hosting, website design and SEO (search engine optimization).


Queen City Web Hosting utilizes Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Release 4 as their preferred Linux state of the art operating system.


Queen City Web Hosting has set out to do what customers want in a web hosting company, which is to offer the most reliable services, coupled with the most refined and modern equipment available.


247 Hosts - All their hosting plans do not carry set up fees

All their hosting plans do not carry set up fees provides web site design, domain name registration and web site hosting services. All their hosting plans do not carry set up fees:


Linux Hosting:

20 mb space, 1 gb traffic, 10 email accounts

from C$6.40 per month  


100 mb space, 3 gb traffic, 50 email accounts, php, mysql, web-based email

from C$10.40 per month


ZZHosting - The best value web hosting available in the world

The best value web hosting available in the world

All the hosting services provided by ZZ hosting are provisioned on their cPanel servers. cPanel is an industry leading control panel that allows you to manage every aspect of your website from creating your email accounts through to creating sub domains, MySQL databases and the use of Fantastico script installer.

Their hardware is high-specification
• ZZ hosting  use Dell servers exclusively for the reliability and performance that they deliver.
• ZZ hosting run the latest generation SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) hard drives for the maximum performance to ensure your site is always fast.
• ZZ hosting  have the latest Intel XEON processors that have been tried and tested in the corporate environment for years.

Even with the fastest hardware available, you need an operating system that can keep up with the needs that webservers get. That's why they use Linux, for its proven reliability.
Add to this their own BGP4 network for the ultimate in network reliability. What happens if your home internet goes down? You can't access any websites. Equally, the majority of web hosts are dependent on one internet offerer for their full service. This wasn't good enough for them, so what they've done is invested heavily in their network, making it so they're dependent on no-one.
If one of their ISPs goes down their network carries on without event and in the rare case that all their ISPs go down, they could bring up a new ISP in minutes not hours!
Their dedicated support staffs completes the package, giving you 100% confidence in their service.


RackForce - based in IT and Communication infrastructure hosting

Based in IT and Communication infrastructure hosting

RackForce, Canada’s largest Enterprise Cloud Service Provider, offers its services nationally and globally. In operation since 2001, RackForce has served over 12,000 customers to date ranging in size from SMB to Fortune 100 with substantial growth in the public sector including K-12, Advanced Education, Federal and Provincial governments.

RackForce’s roots are based in IT and Communication infrastructure hosting where it earned a reputation for leadership and innovation. RackForce has consistently offered market leading services by selectively leveraging emerging technologies to offer cost effective, innovative offerings. For example, as the first hosting service provider to adopt virtualization, Linux and open source management platforms, RackForce has offered more function and performance for the dollar than its larger American peers. RackForce delivers Cloud Virtual Machines, Virtual Data Centers, Cloud Storage and Cloud Backup from four geographically separated Canadian data centers all connected together by RackForce's national 10Gbps network.


Linux Web Host - Solutions to keep your online presence on the cutting edge.

Solutions to keep your online presence on the cutting edge.

The Original Linux Web Host is headquartered in the heart of downtown Baltimore, Maryland. Established in 1998, Linux Web Host offers robust, reliable, and exclusively Linux-based hosting solutions for thousands of customers around the world.


Linux Web Host has exclusively offered Linux-based web-hosting solutions, and a portfolio of online essential services since 1998. They are confident you will come to depend on them as one of your most trusted business partners. They are committed to offering you with the most reliable and robust hosting solutions, as well as the best tools and services to enhance your website. They have Linux experts working around the clock to ensure your questions get answered, and your website is running at optimal performance.


Linux Web Host has a long history of offering distinguished value, personal customer service, and dedication to their hosting clients. They are a stable, profitable and growing organization, and they look forward to growing with your business.


Linux Web Host has triple redundant direct fiber connectivity to 3 Tier 1 back-bone providers. They have standby servers, hot swap drives, and a team of dedicated personnel monitoring and optimizing their Linux servers so your website achieves top performance.

Innovative Technology

Linux Web Host is continuously developing new products, innovative tools, and features that will add even more functionality to your website and making your website visitors' experience extraordinary. They are constantly upgrading systems and implementing the latest technology and solutions to keep your online presence on the cutting edge.

Dedicated Support

The Original Linux Web Host offers their signature Triple AAA Support. They are here to help Any Time, Any Way, Any How. They are here to help you 24/7/365.


Blackfoot Hosting - To stimulate, excite and nurture the dreams of clients

To stimulate, excite and nurture the dreams of clients

For more than 15 years, Blackfoot Hosting have offered the highest quality and best value web hosting to UK based and international clients! Their industry-best Linux servers are located across 2 Data Centres in Greater London with around the clock monitoring and outstanding uptime. Plus, their support team is knowledgeable, accessible, and super eager to help with any of your concerns.

The mission of Blackfoot Hosting is to stimulate, excite and nurture the dreams of clients by offering the finest affordable web hosting services in the United Kingdom, complete with leading-edge technology, unparalleled support and invaluable peace-of-mind.


Xeran Technologies - shared-hosting

Advanced Web Hosting 

Xeran provides shared-hosting, Web-marketing, and site-management tools for thousands of website owners.
Established in 1996, they are one of the oldest, strongest and most stable hosting companies. Make Xeran your home on the Web, and enjoy the benefits of their experience, resources and commitment.

Provide the Best Hosting Tools & Service

Their entire team is committed to offering customers with excellent support and uptime, innovative technologies, and a "no-worries" hosting environment. Whether you're new to the Web or a website designer, they have hosting packages, tools and a committed Member Support team that will help you achieve your objectives.

Fast, Reliable Service

Xeran provides a stable, redundant hosting environment built on state-of-the-art technologies. Your site will be accessed by visitors via fast (OC3), triply redundant Internet connections. Web and email files are served through a farm of load-balanced Linux machines that utilize Apache Web server software, so your site will load promptly and not be impacted by the performance of any one machine. They also utilize NetApp storage clusters, such as those used by Yahoo®, Cisco Systems® and Oracle®, which store each file in at least two locations to ensure reliability.

How Are They Different?

Solutions for beginning and cutting edge users—It doesn't matter if you are an HTML novice or you create dynamic ecommerce sites, Xeran offers every level of user the tools to create a stunning website.
Trusted by Web developers— They provide cutting edge features for experienced Web developers, including the ability to use Perl, PHP, and MySQL. Web developers trust Xeran with their business by hosting multiple sites for their clients on Xeran.
Here to stay—Established in 1996, they're one of the oldest hosting communities on the Web. Their infrastructure has hosted millions of sites over the years and they keep adding new tools for you to have the very best web presence. All of their services are integrated and managed by the same dedicated customer support staffs.


ImageLink USA - Full-Featured Hosting with Superior Support

Full-Featured Hosting with Superior Support

ImageLink is a complete service web hosting firm located in Denver Colorado. The parent hosting firm of ImageLink was founded in 1996 and has become a leader in the web hosting industry with a commitment to service and customers.
ImageLink provides Linux hosting servicess, email, domain registration, and reseller hosting. Each plan is complete with a website control panel, site creation software that includes free pre-designed templates, well trained technical support, virus protection, SpamGuard, site analysis tool, full-featured web-based email, a money-back guarantee, and much more.
ImageLink has a superior infrastructure,which has offered premium speed and reliability to thousands of web hosted domains in the United States and abroad. ImageLink is also the web hosting provider for an organization of over 100 independent ISPs.


Ask4Host - Cost Effective Web Hosting Company

Cost Effective Web Hosting Company

ASk4host offers reasonable and dependable linux website hosting solution. Their services include Linux Shared Web Hosting, Linux Reseller Web Hosting and Linux/Windows Managed Dedicated Servers. They also offer domain name registration.


Founded in 2000, it has a client base of more than 5000 customers spread across the world, and supplys the requirements of large to small businesses. ASK4Host is customer-oriented Internet Company that offers a turnkey menu for Business on the Net.
ASK4Host has the innovative answers to your toughest web challenges and spearhead in advanced technology that is guaranteed to give your business a competitive advantage, improve your bottom-line and create lasting value.


Fire Web Site - Don’t go for bargain basement hosting

 Don’t go for bargain basement hosting

Fire Website Design & Hosting is committed to offering reasonable hosting for websites of all sizes. Their servers support  linux, windows and more.  They provide website design and building services at affordable pricing. If you want them to promote your website they can help rank you major search engines like Yahoo, Google, AOL, MSN and more. So whether you need a one page website hosted or a large website hosted they have a hosting plan to fit your demands.

Professional company with internet experience.
Fire Website hosting business hosting plans are all-in-one packages that delivers everything you need to build and maintain a sustainable web presence. All their plans come standard with the highly evaluated Fire website hosting Control Panel, allowing you control every aspect of your hosting plan through your browser. Don’t go for bargain basement hosting, it’s not worth the headaches. Pay a little more for top quality & dependable web hosting services, Fire Website Hosting is a wiser choice. Make it your choice today!!


JCLE - comprehensive solution to you

Comprehensive solution to you

They use industry leading Web Hosting Control Panels and Hosting Automation software. They provide a comprehensive solution to you, your Resellers and your Customers for buying/selling and managing Linux and Windows Hosting.