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10/27/2015 – Vast programming library available to serve

Vast programming library available to serve based in Asheville, North Carolina. They specialize in RedHat Linux Apache web server technology for site owners and site developers. They have a vast programming library available to serve their customers which make website solutions fast, simple and logical. ImageMagick ready and Ghostscript friendly take your technology to the next level with

Utilizing the recent technology including Flash Communications Server (FCS). They provide realtime video conferencing, audio chat rooms, live streaming viewer-interactive presentations, live video sales conferencing and auctions. Backed by their anti-corporate technical support system. Developer's find them a haven for co-operative learning and support have web hosting solutions for single domains, multiple domains, secure socket connections(SSL), streaming media, dedicated servers, shared servers, automation ai technology, mod_perl environments, and so much more. Try them out for a month with their free temp domain service. Test their waters before making the plunge.


Netmegs – Run Apache, a robust, advanced, unix operating system

 Run Apache, a robust, advanced, unix operating system

At Net Megs they are committed to offering quality webhosting and talented, responsive support at cost-effective prices. They can satisfy the requirements of all their clients, ranging from small personal websites to large corporate enterprise solutions.

They maintain their servers in a state-of-the-art facility in New York City that boasts a 6,500 mile, OC48 connection that circles the U.S. and a full OC3 to the U.K. for connectivity in Europe.

They run Apache, the world's leading web server, on Red Hat Linux; a robust, advanced, unix operating system. They perform daily backups and their servers are monitored around the clock. Their support department answers email quickly and they can also be reached via phone.

Please take time to browse through their site and see the many ways Net Megs can help founded your presence on the web! If you have any questions regarding their services, please don't hesitate to contact their support department!


Mintarix Virtual Services – The internet should be easy, accessible and efficient for everyone

The internet should be easy, accessible and efficient for everyone

Mintarix' philosophy is to provide FAST, SECURE, RELIABLE but above all Web Hosting Services that are AFFORDABLE.

They pride themselves in putting YOU the customer first. They believe that the internet should be easy, accessible and efficient for everyone. Their Web Hosting Starts at $14.95/mon Can. If one of their standard packages does not fit your requirements, they will offer a custom package that does.

They are operating on Cobalt machines, which are built for virtual web hosting. The system runs on Linux with Apache Server. All administration for your site can be performed by remote, using your web browser.


Xeran Technologies - shared-hosting

Advanced Web Hosting 

Xeran provides shared-hosting, Web-marketing, and site-management tools for thousands of website owners.
Established in 1996, they are one of the oldest, strongest and most stable hosting companies. Make Xeran your home on the Web, and enjoy the benefits of their experience, resources and commitment.

Provide the Best Hosting Tools & Service

Their entire team is committed to offering customers with excellent support and uptime, innovative technologies, and a "no-worries" hosting environment. Whether you're new to the Web or a website designer, they have hosting packages, tools and a committed Member Support team that will help you achieve your objectives.

Fast, Reliable Service

Xeran provides a stable, redundant hosting environment built on state-of-the-art technologies. Your site will be accessed by visitors via fast (OC3), triply redundant Internet connections. Web and email files are served through a farm of load-balanced Linux machines that utilize Apache Web server software, so your site will load promptly and not be impacted by the performance of any one machine. They also utilize NetApp storage clusters, such as those used by Yahoo®, Cisco Systems® and Oracle®, which store each file in at least two locations to ensure reliability.

How Are They Different?

Solutions for beginning and cutting edge users—It doesn't matter if you are an HTML novice or you create dynamic ecommerce sites, Xeran offers every level of user the tools to create a stunning website.
Trusted by Web developers— They provide cutting edge features for experienced Web developers, including the ability to use Perl, PHP, and MySQL. Web developers trust Xeran with their business by hosting multiple sites for their clients on Xeran.
Here to stay—Established in 1996, they're one of the oldest hosting communities on the Web. Their infrastructure has hosted millions of sites over the years and they keep adding new tools for you to have the very best web presence. All of their services are integrated and managed by the same dedicated customer support staffs.


USM Hosting - welcome


USM Hosting believe there should be a fair price for quality, commitment, reliability, and professionalism. This is the web hosting you dreamed of, with the prices you can afford, without sacrificing for service, customer support, tech support and speed. USM Hosting know what you are going through when you have to decide on which hosting service to use.

Because USM Hosting know how hard it is to find reliable web hosting, they created They could not find what they were looking for and they could not take another bad experience. USM Hosting had the knowledge, the means to do it and they did. Don’t take their word for it, just give them one chance to prove it. If you don’t find a package that suits your web hosting needs they will work with you to create one that does.

When you sign up with Universal Site Management you get your own virtual server. Your files are located in your own private server space and you are free to create your own users within your circumstances. You also have SSH access and your own development environment.
Each account comes with generous amounts of disk space, transfer amounts, POP3, IMAP4, WebMail, Spam filtering, cgi-bin, PHP, Perl, Apache, Server side includes, and many additional features.