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11/16/2015 – Cheap web hosting

Cheap web hosting

A. does not charge anything more than what is specified for the concerned product. They do not believe in cheating their customers. They wish to have a strong business relationship with customers.


The registration process is simple and easy. No payments or Credit Card Details are required for registration and setting up of your FREE Webhosting account with However they would require your contact details in order to register the services in your name.


Netmegs – Run Apache, a robust, advanced, unix operating system

 Run Apache, a robust, advanced, unix operating system

At Net Megs they are committed to offering quality webhosting and talented, responsive support at cost-effective prices. They can satisfy the requirements of all their clients, ranging from small personal websites to large corporate enterprise solutions.

They maintain their servers in a state-of-the-art facility in New York City that boasts a 6,500 mile, OC48 connection that circles the U.S. and a full OC3 to the U.K. for connectivity in Europe.

They run Apache, the world's leading web server, on Red Hat Linux; a robust, advanced, unix operating system. They perform daily backups and their servers are monitored around the clock. Their support department answers email quickly and they can also be reached via phone.

Please take time to browse through their site and see the many ways Net Megs can help founded your presence on the web! If you have any questions regarding their services, please don't hesitate to contact their support department!



Tigahost - Reliable, fast and affordable hosting platform,trusted by leading web designers

Reliable, fast and affordable hosting platform,trusted by leading web designers

Tigahost™ founded in 2002. Their firm has supplied professional class webhosting services for web designers, businesses and individual users from worldwide.
Cost-effective, reliable and friendly support. Private and secure offshore webhosting. They have 13 years of web hosting experience. Their servers are located in HKNet datacenter (Hong Kong).


iWF Hosting - Do not overload their servers

Do not overload their servers

iWF Hosting, a brand of H4Y Technologies LLC and formerly iWebFusion Technologies LLC of Oregon, is based in Indialantic, FL. iWF Hosting specializes in shared and virtualization-based webhosting solutions. They're a group of engineers, web designers and programmers but above all, they're actual people that want to help you. Since 2001, H4Y Technologies LLC has been a leader in all aspects of the webhosting industry.

iWF Hosting is proud of the uptime statistics and you can see them for yourself! iWF Hosting fully owns network equipment and dedicated machines with only current software and hardware to ensure that all users are as up to date and secure as possible. Reliable scalability comes easy at iWF Hosting with packages ranging from shared/business hosting to reseller accounts, VPS (virtual private server), colocation, Dedicated Servers, and Colocation. All at the best bang for the buck on the net. They do not overload their servers with loads and loads of customers; instead they spread accounts reasonably across powerful servers and avoid "overselling". With their servers running around the clock and an average of 99.99% uptime, you don't have to worry about your website being down.