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11/26/2015 – Your success is our success

Your success is our success created small and has grown in both clients and services since they first began hosting in 1999 which is a tribute to their success and stability - all by helping you and your online efforts.

They have short term, medium term, and long term objectives with their hosting services, development, solutions, and team.

They look forward to being a part of your online development and look forward to offering a hosting solution that will maximize your online success.

1st Choice Web Site Hosting – The more full-featured web hosting

The more full-featured web hosting

1st Choice Web Site Hosting is a dba of MJ Marketing, Inc. and is a privately held firm dedicated to helping individuals and businesses create a robust online presence easily and economically. Established in 1995, they have grown considerably by offering a comprehensive array of web services backed by superior service and the advanced technology. Currently, thousands of domains from all over the world are securely hosted in their network.

 As a total web solutions offerer, their product providings include virtual hosting, e-commerce solutions, and web design as well as domain registration. Through partnerships with key industry leaders, vital development and marketing tools are also available to improve your website and to help your business grow.

RealWebCo – No headaches, just hosting

 No headaches, just hosting

Dependable, ad-free, web hosting, domain names and email address services. RealWebCo’s powerful and cost-effective hosting makes oneself the best place to host your small business or personal web site. Simple to use for first time web masters but with all the features required by experienced users.


Arias Web Hosting – Affordable web hosting solutions

Affordable web hosting solutions

Arias Web Hosting provide affordable, feature packed Linux hosting plans for single domains, multiple domains and resellers. One is sure to satisfy your requirements. Begin with their Startup plan and upgrade at any time, all the way up to a dedicated server. They will help you every step of the way.

They provide multiple domain hosting plans. That means you are free to host as many domains and subdomains as you'd like within your space and bandwidth limits. Simply divide up the space and bandwidth as you see fit. All other features are unlimited! – People love

 People love

They pride themselves on founded, proven experience in the web hosting and development industry. Having managed a steady server network since their establishment in 1996, they have watched it grow into an even more stable and dependable environment for a variety of Internet websites. WebXess, Inc. is a privately held, debt-free corporation that is currently ranked as one of the largest hosting firms in Austin, Texas.

Their customers stay with them because they enjoy high-quality web space with high server up-time performance, as well as a speedy, responsive technical support staffs that is unparalleld in the industry. In fact, their customers are so happy that they send them over 75% of their business by referring friends and colleagues to their services. Their praise-rich customer testimonials demonstrate the WEBii user experience.

By providing unmatched customer service, feature-rich hosting options, and a dependable server platform at cost - effective prices, they are able to offer an ideal solution that will grow with your business. They have comprised successful solutions for a vast number of industry types, including: non-profit, government-related, real estate, educational, service industries, entertainment, retail, professional services, business to business sales, and more. And WEBii also honors a “price-freeze” guarantee, promising that the their plan pricing will never increase.

Their technology is steadfast and trustworthy through and through. Lightning-fast SUN servers power their shared web hosting network, employing the Solaris operating system with the robust Apache web server, the most trusted web server software in existence. In over 10 years of business, they experienced a total of only a few hours of downtime, most of which was due to pre-scheduled server maintenance. Their data center facility is located on a large campus in Austin, Texas.




Voxel Dot Net – High performance solutions

 High performance solutions

Internap's high-performance Internet infrastructure combines virtual and bare-metal cloud, hosting and colocation services across a world network of data centers.


Internap is the high-performance Internet infrastructure offerer that powers the applications shaping the way they live, work and play. Their hybrid infrastructure delivers performance without compromise – blending virtual and bare-metal cloud, hosting and colocation services across a world network of data centers, optimized from the application to the end user and backed by rock-solid customer support and a 100% uptime guarantee. Since 1996, the most innovative firms have depended on Internap to make their applications faster and more scalable.

Transparent Technologies – General web hosting

 General web hosting

Transparent Technologies provides Bluepay Merchant accounts, so you can start accepting credit card payments online. Bluepay is a leader in merchant services, and their own choice in a merchant offerer. They are also providing SBS SSL Certificates to secure your websites. Their SSL ordering system allows you to place orders online and receive your SSL certificates typically within minutes of ordering.

Their shared hosting packages are great for businesses and even personal sites. While, their reseller packages make the perfect way to start your own hosting business or make some supplemental income. All of their hosting customer's can rest easy knowing one’s data is backed up hourly, and that Their very experienced support team is here to assist them with any queries customer have.


Stormer Hosting – Upgrading your account is simple

Upgrading your account is simple

Stormer Hosting offers superior service hosting solutions with one on one personal support for your improving business requirements.  If you have any queries, feel free to contact them regarding any hosting package or service you may be interested in.  If you do not see something listed here, please contact them so they can offer you a scalable hosting solution to satisfy your requirements.


Economy Hosting is the most popular hosting package provided. The Economy Hosting package provides a generous amount of quota and plenty of bandwidth. This package has the cPanel control panel which allows easy management of your Economy Hosting account.  Upgrading your account is simple to do when you grow. Most will choose the Economy Hosting package as they begin their internet presence. The Economy Hosting package combined with Mail List Markting Pro and Search Engine Optimization will put your internet presence in high gear.


11/11/2015 Technologies – Key differentiating Features

Key differentiating Features

Providing Web Hosting, E-Mail and other Internet Services for firms and organizations since 1998. Technologies provide The following Key differentiating Features:

1) PERFORMANCE: They under subscribe all one’s servers and network connections to insure all their clients and one’s visitors have the best web experience.

2) FOCUS: Web Hosting is all they do! So they are not distracted by other "activities" that their competition might be faced with.

3) QUALITY: They offer several packages for SOHO professionals as well as individuals to found a presence on the web. Delivering a quality service is their objective.

3) DEPTH: On the hosting side they offer a soup-to-nuts solution to get you up and online promptly.

Internet Connection – Empowering you every step of the way

Empowering you every step of the way

Internet Connection, Inc. is a Maryland based firm specializing in first-class corporate website and email hosting solutions. Having borned 20 years ago, they are actually one of the pioneers of the web and email hosting industry. In fact, Internet Connection worked on the development of the hosting technologies in use today.

Internet Connection, Inc. began in February of 1993 when the modern web was still in its infancy. Yahoo had just been started and Web Crawler and Lycos were the only search engines available. Both Web Crawler and Lycos were crude impressions of what they know today. In order to host a website, a web designer would require both a server and a high-speed connection to the Internet, each being very costly.

During this time period, excitement about web technologies soared. Leading designers, developers, programmers, and IT technicians collaborated one’s efforts and openly exchanged what these people were learning and developing. It was at this time that the Internet was becoming a driving force in society at large.

Because of the high cost of owning a server and maintaining a high speed connection was prohibitive for the small business owner, they became heavily involved in the early research and development of what is now known as virtualization. This is what allows them to have a single server hold and host more multiple websites. With that, they are pioneers in developing technology that empowers the small business to use the Internet as an effective communications medium.

With this innovative approach to technology, their growth throughout the late 1990s has been an immense asset to them. The use of the Internet became increasingly ubiquitous and the surrounding momentum offering a great deal of synergy. This also allowed them to take an immense amount of pride in not only the products and services that they provide, but also the relationships built. To make sure that they could continue to provide the same level of high quality service that their client base had come to know, expect, and appreciate – they actually limited one’s growth.

Their business attitude has not changed since their conception in 1993. They love what they do and are continually perfecting their products. The huge growth of the Internet in the 90s enabled them to grow using their own money without the requirement for venture capital or investor funding. Today, they are still privately owned and operate using their own cash flow to finance their endeavors.

11/09/2015 – Web hosting entrepreneurs

 Web hosting entrepreneurs providing Web Hosting and Website Building Services since 1997. Your website's success is the most important to their success. So if you have any queries, suggestions, or requests, just let them know! They have over 17 years of web hosting and design experience and they are personally here to help you every step of the way.


At, they focus on entrepreneurs, home business starters, small business owners and startups. They understand that you are self-motivated, innovative and a leader. That's why they don't waste time on features that may limit your ability to create or expand. Their mission is simply to give you the tools that you require to succeed and grow rapidly. You'll enjoy the freedom and power of their products and services.

Host Go – Go with the best

Go with the best

Low cost web hosting

For basic personal, home office, and small-to-medium size business web sites, packages include everything to develop a dynamic website.


High -quality web hosting

If your business website is resource intensive and you want to do without the costs and troublesomes associated with running a dedicated server, try our high end packages.


E-commerce hosting

They have combined Miva Merchant with their superior hosting packages, which will allow you to create a professional online store easily.

Future Hosting – Scalable. Powerful. Global.

Scalable. Powerful. Global.

From excellent customer service to amazing hardware just adds to the experience you will receive here at Future Hosting. They take pride in everything they do, simply because they love web hosting and everything about it. They want to make sure their service is not only dependable but satisfying. Future Hosting goes above and beyond to make sure you are completely satisfied with your web hosting solution. That means doubling up on their competition to ensure they offer the best over any other provider in the industry.


Exorcom – The business internet company

The business internet company

Exorcom supports thousands of firms large and small, including blue chips, design agencies and growing enterprises. They are committed to building long-term relationships with their clients, based upon technical expertise, quality of service and their responsible, flexible approach. With offices in the UK and India, they are able to support firms across Europe and Asia. 

> Lowest Prices & No Set Up Fees

> Fastest Connection Possible 100mbps

> 99.9% Uptime Guarantee!

> Control Panel per hosting

> Responsive 24/7 Support


Dynamic Internet – Quality over quantity

Quality over quantity

Simply put, Dynamic Internet focuses on quality, not quantity. While other businesses goal to sign up as many customers as possible by cutting corners, cutting prices, and sacrificing on service quality and support, they focus on offering very high quality service and support.

Dynamic Internet is a privately held New Hampshire based business that is simply accessible from the Boston area. Originally established in 1998 as "Dynamic Web Development" to serve the requirement for web development, design and web hosting as well as offer specialty back-end application development and cutting-edge network consulting services. Focus was shifted to their latest hosting solutions in 2002 and Dynamic Internet ( was created to bring them into light. Since the business started out developing back-end applications including database-driven, self-maintaining web sites as well as offering consulting to the ISP industry, they can completely understand the requirements of all one’s clients.

Their southern New Hampshire facility resides just over the Massachusetts border. The purpose of the facility is to allow for a dependable and secure way for local and national service offerers, content providers, software developers and other businesses to locate their infrastructure. Dynamic Internet maintains its own data center facility, bandwidth and servers in order to offer enhanced service, support and greater flexibility to the client. Dynamic Internet also maintains co-location space in other cities for its distributed hosting network and for various custom managed solutions.


Catalyst2 – Reduce your time spent on hold

 Reduce your time spent on hold

Over 10 years, thousands of clients, tens of thousands of websites and who knows how many hundred million emails later, Catalyst2 like to think they know their trade. From simple beginnings they have become one of the most trusted names in UK hosting, something they are very proud of and keen to continue.

Since January 2000 they have learnt that a dependable well supported service is rare online, thats why day, night (or 3pm on a Sunday!) they will answer the phone, its this reassurance that means a vast proportion of their new business comes from existing customer referrals (Thanks!).

They don’t have a team of hundreds, but a small dedicated group who know most customers by name, they get things done, promptly and with the minimum of fuss. Thats why they have their customer promise, freephone support and even their MD’s email address if they miss the mark.

If that sounds like it could make your hosting simpler (and reduce your time spent on hold), why not give them a call?

You can also see a short video about them and their infrastructure that they recently produced in partnership with Dell.

ArborHost – High ethical and moral standards

High ethical and moral standards

ArborHost was established in early 2000 by veteran web developers who were tired of being overcharged for (often unreliable) web hosting. This is why ArborHost is one of the most cost-effective and dependable web hosting firms in the industry. ArborHost's mission is to offer reliable and affordable Web Hosting to everyone. The ArborHost team works around the clock to ensure that all customers receive the service they deserve.

ArborHost is also a firm of high ethical and moral standards. Other firms will cut off service without warning – ArborHost will notify you if any problem comes up with your site. ArborHost believes that the web should be kept clean, which is why inappropriate material is not allowed on its web servers.


AcuNett – Promises


AcuNett firmly support the international community and businesses far and wide.


1)  1 Hour Case Examination - Guaranteed

Tired of mass replies? No dubious "response time" here. They start on each case within 1 hour.

2) 20 Minute Average Response Times - Guaranteed

On average work begins well under the 1 hour mark.

3) 6 Hour Case Resolution - 9/10 Guaranteed

They say 9/10 as 90% of all tickets fall here. They leave room for 10% of tickets that by nature, take more time to resolve.

4) 1.5 Hour Average Resolution Times - Guaranteed

On average cases are closed within 1.5 hours

5) 10 Minute Downtime Reaction - Guaranteed

They monitor your server every 5 minutes. If it's down, they'll have it back online before you can spell "H-E-L-P."

6) Hack Protection - Guaranteed

They don't claim to protect your server. They GUARANTEE it.

7) Data Protection - Guaranteed

Nor do they easily claim to protect your data. They GUARANTEE it.

8) 100% Server Uptime - Guaranteed

Servers they manage will be up 100% of the time beside planned maintenance. They GUARANTEE it.

9) 24x7x365 - Guaranteed

Rain or shine, holidays, they're here for you. Even on that occasional 366th day.


1st Class Domains – World class web hosting

 World class web hosting

1st Class Domains provide excellent reliability and unmatched levels of customer service. Their knowledgeable team of Internet professionals care about your web site and want it to succeed and grow. In summary, here are the key reasons for choosing them:

They are experts in web hosting and domain registration since 1997 (which is a lifetime in Internet terms!)

They have a advanced data-center and multiple Tier-1 connections providing an excellent reliability and uptime record

They ensure one’s customers benefit from the latest rack optimised DELL web servers

They currently host thousands of domains and web sites from customers large and small throughout the UK, Europe and USA (and as far away as China, Japan and New Zealand!)

They offer fast, free, friendly, expert, technical support when you require it

They deliver the high levels of customer service usually only associated with established off-line businesses

They continually review the pricing of one’s services to ensure you receive affordable value


Rimu Hosting – Deliriously happy with the support

Deliriously happy with the support

RimuHosting's Objectives

Their objectives are pretty simple:

•Provide a flexible, dependible hosting service.
•Make customers deliriously happy with the support customers get.
Why RimuHosting?
•Looking for a host with a solid track record?  RimuHosting has been working hard to offer great server hosting since December 2002.
•One of the original UML VPS hosting firms, and also one of the first to provide Xen-based VPS hosting.
•RimuHosting is a successful, customer-focused business that aims to be here for years to come.  In 2008 they were ranked the 16th fastest growing firm in NZ in the Deloitte Fast 50 Index (up from #25 in 2007).  They were the only hosting firm to feature on that’s list. They also made the 2008 Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific Index.
•Their friendly and experienced team includes developers, and professional system administrators.
•Quick responses from their email and ticket support systems.  One-on-one support with their hosting experts. Live chat for quick queries.
•Their team is available 24x7 365 days of the year. They are here when you require them,.
•RimuHosting is not a reseller.  They operate their own servers.  If something goes wrong, they're the ones that fix it.
•RimuHosting Ltd is a private, family owned, New Zealand registered firm that operates globally. Hosting at your choice of data centers in Dallas, London, Frankfurt, Auckland, Sydney and Brisbane.