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Voxel Dot Net – High performance solutions

 High performance solutions

Internap's high-performance Internet infrastructure combines virtual and bare-metal cloud, hosting and colocation services across a world network of data centers.


Internap is the high-performance Internet infrastructure offerer that powers the applications shaping the way they live, work and play. Their hybrid infrastructure delivers performance without compromise – blending virtual and bare-metal cloud, hosting and colocation services across a world network of data centers, optimized from the application to the end user and backed by rock-solid customer support and a 100% uptime guarantee. Since 1996, the most innovative firms have depended on Internap to make their applications faster and more scalable.


ServerCentral – They live and breathe IT infrastructure

 They live and breathe IT infrastructure

ServerCentral is a managed data center services offerer. They host and manage colocation, cloud, and network infrastructure for startups and Fortune 500s worldwide. They opened their data center doors in 1999. Since then, they've helped thousands of businesses simplify one’s IT operations through dependable data centers & onsite support.



Datahive – The utmost in data center value

 The utmost in data center value

DataHive offers the most efficient and cost-effective way to manage your IT solutions. DataHive provides secure, affordable data center space featuring colocation, managed services, virtualization, and private cloud computing. Their highly secure, world-class data center is located in downtown Calgary, Alberta, Canada — one of the most geographically safe locales in the world.


Whatever your data center, colocation, virtualization or managed services needs, DataHive can offer a secure affordable solution that enables you to concentrate on your core business free from the responsibility of running a data center.


Wowrack Technologies – Global cloud solutions

 Global cloud solutions

Established in 2001, Wow Technologies, Inc. (Wowrack) is a cloud service offerer, providing various Hosting services including Managed Hosting Solutions, Dedicated Server Solutions, Colocation, Virtualization, Bandwidth Delivery and Managed Services. Their competency includes being able to design, provision, implement, manage and monitor high traffic websites that need high availability and redundant infrastructure.



Simply Be Hosted – . In response to customer demand

 In response to customer demand

Astutium Ltd offer fast, dependable, secure and affordable internet services for corporate, small-business and home users. Clients choose Astutium for a reliable, always available and feature-packed hosting service.


Astutium are dedicated to exceptional levels of customer satisfaction. Since 1996 they have offered one’s valued clients with : instant domain registration, around the clock support by trained technicians, latest server and service monitoring systems and completely managed colocation and dedicated servers. In response to customer demand, the customers now have one’s own in-datacenter intelligent hands services, run one’s own fully autonomous network (AS29527), all utilizing one’s own hardware.


With network systems in the United Kingdom, United States, Netherlands, France and Sweden they serve customers spanning the around world, exceeding the needs of over 100,000 enterprise, corporate, business and home users every day.


NetNation Web Hosting – To offer advanced solutions that satisfy your evolving requirements

To offer advanced solutions that satisfy your evolving requirements

NetNation Web Hosting provide a wide range of shared web hosting solutions, including starter packages, e-commerce, media streaming, managed hosting, managed services and managed colocation services . Web developers can provide clients a valuable service through their web hosting reseller program . They also offer domain name registration in all the major extensions, .com, .ca, .info, .biz, and more, through their wholly owned subsidiary, DomainPeople®.


Web site hosting and domain name registration is their specialty, and it's what they do best. As a leading web host, their objective is to offer advanced solutions that satisfy your evolving requirements. They understand that their long-term success depends on great service and strong relationships because a true partnership requires trust, understanding, and innovation.


Since the beginning, they have backed their responsive e-business solutions and a robust infrastructure with the best customer service and technical support. A common misconception about the technology industry is that it's all about machines. Not at NetNation. Yes, their state-of-the art data center and infrastructure is unsurpassed. But they are successful because they're committed to supportive e-business solutions, bringing innovation, creativity and a caring attitude to all of their customers' business requirements. They don't just offer live, around the clock support. They listen. Their Service Guarantee.


AIHS.Net – This solution very useful for your business!

This solution very useful for your business!

About ANETSIS.Net:

Established in 1998

ANETSIS.Net Datacenters are located in Frankfurt am Main

ANETSIS.Net is a partner of GE-CIX

ANETSIS.Net is a partner of Global Switch

ANETSIS.Net is a partner of Deutsche Telekom


ANETSIS.Net offers:

Technical support in English, German, Spanish

Colocation place TIER3 Datacenter

Rental, colocation and selling of the Server-Racks

Colocation of customer equipment

Rental of IT equipment

Integrated remote-managment solutions

Providing of complex solutions for business customers

Development of complex solutions for business castomers

Technical consulting

Providing of Cloud solutions

Intallation and configuration of equipment in Frankfurt am Main and other cities

Installation, maintance, recovery and assembly of servers and other IT-equipment

Registration of a AS at RIPE

IP Transit and MPLS solutions with 100Mb, 1GE, 10GE, 40GE, 100GE Ports

IP access(remote hand-out-of-band service)


iWF Hosting - Do not overload their servers

Do not overload their servers

iWF Hosting, a brand of H4Y Technologies LLC and formerly iWebFusion Technologies LLC of Oregon, is based in Indialantic, FL. iWF Hosting specializes in shared and virtualization-based webhosting solutions. They're a group of engineers, web designers and programmers but above all, they're actual people that want to help you. Since 2001, H4Y Technologies LLC has been a leader in all aspects of the webhosting industry.

iWF Hosting is proud of the uptime statistics and you can see them for yourself! iWF Hosting fully owns network equipment and dedicated machines with only current software and hardware to ensure that all users are as up to date and secure as possible. Reliable scalability comes easy at iWF Hosting with packages ranging from shared/business hosting to reseller accounts, VPS (virtual private server), colocation, Dedicated Servers, and Colocation. All at the best bang for the buck on the net. They do not overload their servers with loads and loads of customers; instead they spread accounts reasonably across powerful servers and avoid "overselling". With their servers running around the clock and an average of 99.99% uptime, you don't have to worry about your website being down.


Cartika - Found themselves exclusively as an application hosting

Found themselves exclusively as an application hosting

At Cartika, they’ve always maintained that the client comes first. They’re devoted to giving customers the best experience possible and helping them to grow customer's organization. They’ve some of the best prices in the industry, enterprise-grade hardware, and a team of devoted, experienced support professionals.

Their story is a modest one, beginning back in 1999 when they purchased their first reseller account. Originally, their intent was to found themselves exclusively as an application hosting and support company – and for a time, that was what they did. Using their reseller host as a springboard, they eventually grew themselves into a successful mid-sized business.

Unbeknownst to them, there were much greater things in store for Cartika.

In 2000, they purchased their own server and incorporated Cartika. This was the beginning of their evolution beyond application hosting. Before long, they had a colocation facility in one of the most prestigious data centers in Dallas,Texas,  eventually expanding North of of the border to Toronto. With these facilities, they were able to offer services far beyond what they’d previously provided – and ultimately, they decided it was time for a change.

It was time for them to found themselves as a full-fledged infrastructure managed hosting provider.

Though we started with a small office and a single reseller account, the past fifteen years has seen them grow almost exponentially. Today, they’ve a Network Operations Centers in both Toronto and Dallas, with plans to expand to other locations in the near future. Offices in both locations maintain the facilities and provide customer support, while additional offices in Russia and in the Ukraine are used for development and engineering – this is where such solutions as the Cartika CommandLayer are conceptualized and created.
What this ultimately means is that with them, your business has room to grow – as much as you’ll ever require.


Vortech inc - Frontline Hosting values every single client they have.

Frontline Hosting values every single client they have.

They understand that quality of shared hosting, reseller hosting and dedicated hosting customer support is mission critical for mutual success and they will always provide live in-house support 24x7x365 even on holidays. Their average support ticket resolution is 23 minutes and immediate responses are very common. They are dedicated to taking away the headache of administering your own servers, thus allowing you to focus entirely on running your business with unlimited growth potential.

Frontline's H-Sphere reseller hosting server cluster is the largest of its kind in the world with OVER 100 SERVERS. No one in the industry has the experience and knowledge of running an H-Sphere reseller hosting cluster like they do. They have already started planning what they believe could be the next giant step in managed reseller hosting by providing full H-Sphere clusters ready to deploy to large corporations who want a turnkey solution for their web hosting needs.

Along with offering quality and reliable reseller hosting solutions they provide full range of other web hosting services, including: shared hosting, dedicated hosting, colocation and VPS hosting. They are absolutely sure that such winning optimization of price, quality and reliability of reseller hosting, shared hosting and dedicated hosting services you won’t be able to find anywhere else in the industry. Search our web hosting areas and choose the best plan that will suit all your needs.

Frontline Hosting values every single client they have. They listen and they want to hear from you. If you have any questions regarding any of our shared hosting or dedicated hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting or colocation solution – feel free to contact them.


Page-Zone -

Open for business at the dawn of the Internet generation – in January 1999 after a poor experience with outsourced web hosting provider, they knew they could do it better. Page-Zone has gone from providing a simple web hosting service for one city web site connected to the world out of a dial up modem, 100MHz, Packard Bell server to offering web hosting, dedicated servers, and colocation to customers worldwide. Now centrally located in a 38,000 square foot fully concrete hardened building at the network center of the United States.

Page-Zone can deliver network services to your Internet customers with unparalleled performance through rock solid systems Cisco Networks backed by a full multi-gigabit and sonet networks. Their network is strategically located near the Notre Dame campus in the American midwest which gives equal network performance to East, West and Southern United States and Canada. They utilize several carriers meshed together through BGP (border gateway protocol) and can deliver connectivity to almost every major network backbone in under 5 milliseconds!


Sidus Hosting- AlwaysOnline

Starting in 1999 in Maryland, from oneday, SidusHost was founded upon a focused mission to be an industry leader in Dedicated Server and Server Colocation solutions. Since that date SidusHost has held strong to that mission and it is this determination that has lead this MD web hosting organization through the turmoil of the internet bubble and spurred our impressive, though managed growth, over the past 10 years. During this time they have served as a beacon of stability in the industry, managing to maintain profitability and growth that has consistently mounted at over 40% per year. This has been done by making personal client support and innovative product offerings the hub of their operations plan. As an illustration of their client focus, SidusHost has demonstrated a client retention rate of over 90%, a number that is almost unheard of the web hosting industry for the past 10 years.

The focus of our Sidus Shares program is to provide support for organizations and programs that are working to make their community stronger. At Sidus, they work closely with neighborhood leaders and volunteer groups to identify programs that best meet the needs of each community. The Sidus Shares program works primarily in the areas of youth, non-profit and volunteer programs that create significant and measurable results.


Datacenter South Korea

Currently there are 4 colocation data centers in South Korea.

Eastern Asia, southern half of the Korean Peninsula bordering the Sea of Japan and the Yellow Sea