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11/16/2015 – People love

 People love

They pride themselves on founded, proven experience in the web hosting and development industry. Having managed a steady server network since their establishment in 1996, they have watched it grow into an even more stable and dependable environment for a variety of Internet websites. WebXess, Inc. is a privately held, debt-free corporation that is currently ranked as one of the largest hosting firms in Austin, Texas.

Their customers stay with them because they enjoy high-quality web space with high server up-time performance, as well as a speedy, responsive technical support staffs that is unparalleld in the industry. In fact, their customers are so happy that they send them over 75% of their business by referring friends and colleagues to their services. Their praise-rich customer testimonials demonstrate the WEBii user experience.

By providing unmatched customer service, feature-rich hosting options, and a dependable server platform at cost - effective prices, they are able to offer an ideal solution that will grow with your business. They have comprised successful solutions for a vast number of industry types, including: non-profit, government-related, real estate, educational, service industries, entertainment, retail, professional services, business to business sales, and more. And WEBii also honors a “price-freeze” guarantee, promising that the their plan pricing will never increase.

Their technology is steadfast and trustworthy through and through. Lightning-fast SUN servers power their shared web hosting network, employing the Solaris operating system with the robust Apache web server, the most trusted web server software in existence. In over 10 years of business, they experienced a total of only a few hours of downtime, most of which was due to pre-scheduled server maintenance. Their data center facility is located on a large campus in Austin, Texas.




11/11/2015 Technologies – Key differentiating Features

Key differentiating Features

Providing Web Hosting, E-Mail and other Internet Services for firms and organizations since 1998. Technologies provide The following Key differentiating Features:

1) PERFORMANCE: They under subscribe all one’s servers and network connections to insure all their clients and one’s visitors have the best web experience.

2) FOCUS: Web Hosting is all they do! So they are not distracted by other "activities" that their competition might be faced with.

3) QUALITY: They offer several packages for SOHO professionals as well as individuals to found a presence on the web. Delivering a quality service is their objective.

3) DEPTH: On the hosting side they offer a soup-to-nuts solution to get you up and online promptly.


Host Go – Go with the best

Go with the best

Low cost web hosting

For basic personal, home office, and small-to-medium size business web sites, packages include everything to develop a dynamic website.


High -quality web hosting

If your business website is resource intensive and you want to do without the costs and troublesomes associated with running a dedicated server, try our high end packages.


E-commerce hosting

They have combined Miva Merchant with their superior hosting packages, which will allow you to create a professional online store easily.


ArborHost – High ethical and moral standards

High ethical and moral standards

ArborHost was established in early 2000 by veteran web developers who were tired of being overcharged for (often unreliable) web hosting. This is why ArborHost is one of the most cost-effective and dependable web hosting firms in the industry. ArborHost's mission is to offer reliable and affordable Web Hosting to everyone. The ArborHost team works around the clock to ensure that all customers receive the service they deserve.

ArborHost is also a firm of high ethical and moral standards. Other firms will cut off service without warning – ArborHost will notify you if any problem comes up with your site. ArborHost believes that the web should be kept clean, which is why inappropriate material is not allowed on its web servers.



1st Class Domains – World class web hosting

 World class web hosting

1st Class Domains provide excellent reliability and unmatched levels of customer service. Their knowledgeable team of Internet professionals care about your web site and want it to succeed and grow. In summary, here are the key reasons for choosing them:

They are experts in web hosting and domain registration since 1997 (which is a lifetime in Internet terms!)

They have a advanced data-center and multiple Tier-1 connections providing an excellent reliability and uptime record

They ensure one’s customers benefit from the latest rack optimised DELL web servers

They currently host thousands of domains and web sites from customers large and small throughout the UK, Europe and USA (and as far away as China, Japan and New Zealand!)

They offer fast, free, friendly, expert, technical support when you require it

They deliver the high levels of customer service usually only associated with established off-line businesses

They continually review the pricing of one’s services to ensure you receive affordable value



Hostica – Why Choose Hostica?

Why Choose Hostica?

The Experience

Established in 1999, they're one of the longest running web hosts in the world. They know what they're doing.

 The Hardware

They run on state of the art servers located in high tech data centers throughout America with redundant internet connections and backup power supplies. Their servers are some of the fastest out there and they spare no expense on security. Speed and safety is the name of their industry.

The Personnel

They don't outsource. All of their employees are highly trained American professionals who are experts in web hosting and understanding of their customers requirements. If there's a problem, we'll solve it.

The Value

Their prices have always been and always will be among the lowest in the industry. Nowhere else can you find such bang for your buck!


Betterwebspace Hosting – Honest hosting at an honest price

Honest hosting at an honest price

BetterWebSpace started out in the last quarter of 2002, mainly because Keiron decided he didn't want to pay for his own web hosting anymore and thought he could probably get it for free if he hosted websites for a few friends! The truth is it grew far faster than he (or anyone else) expected, and by April 2003 was already making a small profit.

In the early days BetterWebSpace was nothing more than a reseller account for a larger firm, and in fact that reseller account was far smaller than the reseller accounts we offer nowadays.

Steadily they grew, through recommendations and word of mouth advertising they realised there was no better advertisement than their satisfied customers. Their customers recommended them so much that they could stop reselling other people's space and get their own servers.

Over the years they've added more servers, starting with smaller ones and eventually consolidating some of those smaller servers into far bigger, more robust servers in both their US and UK datacenters. They became part of InnovaTech Media Ltd in 2009 and in 2011 BetterWebSpace also became a Nominet registrar allowing them far more control over their pricing of UK domains.

For a long time the business was run on a part-time basis whilst Keiron pinned down other jobs, now there's a far bigger team behind BetterWebSpace that keep it running on a day-to-day basis. This has allowed Keiron and other members of the team to go back to what they really enjoy, making peoples lives simpler through coding and automation, as well as designing customised solutions and sites for their clients.


BigBiz Internet Services – Technical notes

Technical notes

BigBiz discovered a security problem on server 11 where some passwords may have been compromised. As a precaution all FTP and SSH passwords have been deactivated. Users will need to update their passwords. Please use the admin in MailSetup has been removed. This will prevent spam messages being returned to invalid senders.


Mintarix Virtual Services – The internet should be easy, accessible and efficient for everyone

The internet should be easy, accessible and efficient for everyone

Mintarix' philosophy is to provide FAST, SECURE, RELIABLE but above all Web Hosting Services that are AFFORDABLE.

They pride themselves in putting YOU the customer first. They believe that the internet should be easy, accessible and efficient for everyone. Their Web Hosting Starts at $14.95/mon Can. If one of their standard packages does not fit your requirements, they will offer a custom package that does.

They are operating on Cobalt machines, which are built for virtual web hosting. The system runs on Linux with Apache Server. All administration for your site can be performed by remote, using your web browser.

9/09/2015 – Reseller Web Hosting

 Reseller Web Hosting are carrying out some big changes in these days, as a result you are viewing a temporary website whilst they redecorate the walls of their webpages and shuffle some servers around.

SwiftSite – E-Commerce Hosting

 E-Commerce Hosting

SwiftSite want to help you make your Website a success! At SwiftSite, they have all the tools you'll require to get your presence up and running. Once you get going, you can depend on their fast servers and prime uptime. Let them help you get your Web presence jump started!


Drive up your sales with a new e-Store. Be up and running in less than an hour. All Business Plans now include complite-featured e-Stores.


FastVirtual – An affordable means to maintain a high quality web presence

An affordable means to maintain a high quality web presence

FastVirtual was established in 1998 to offer businesses and individuals with an affordable means to maintain a high quality web presence. Their focus on performance, reliability and customer care has ensured continual growth, and their servers are now home to personal, business and ecommerce web sites from all 50 states and more than 70 different countries.

They remain as focused as ever on offering an outstanding hosting experience. With an array of value-added services, free tools and scripts and excellent levels of customer care, most of customers have chosen FastVirtual based on recommendations from others.


AIHS.Net – This solution very useful for your business!

This solution very useful for your business!

About ANETSIS.Net:

Established in 1998

ANETSIS.Net Datacenters are located in Frankfurt am Main

ANETSIS.Net is a partner of GE-CIX

ANETSIS.Net is a partner of Global Switch

ANETSIS.Net is a partner of Deutsche Telekom


ANETSIS.Net offers:

Technical support in English, German, Spanish

Colocation place TIER3 Datacenter

Rental, colocation and selling of the Server-Racks

Colocation of customer equipment

Rental of IT equipment

Integrated remote-managment solutions

Providing of complex solutions for business customers

Development of complex solutions for business castomers

Technical consulting

Providing of Cloud solutions

Intallation and configuration of equipment in Frankfurt am Main and other cities

Installation, maintance, recovery and assembly of servers and other IT-equipment

Registration of a AS at RIPE

IP Transit and MPLS solutions with 100Mb, 1GE, 10GE, 40GE, 100GE Ports

IP access(remote hand-out-of-band service)

UK Web Hosting Servers – Extremely fast connects to the Internet

Extremely fast connects to the Internet

The web servers are located in London, UK and feature multiple backbone Internet connections for 99.9% web site hosting reliability and extremely fast connects to the Internet, offering fast loading of your web pages.
With weekly backups made on Offshore servers, in the unlikely event of a major catastrophe Hostingservers can have your site backup within 6 hours from the backups on the foreign server.


XeHost - Professional Hosting Solutions

Professional Hosting Solutions

XeHost is a friendly, reliable, and secure environment to place your web hosting account! They closely monitor and maintain their servers, ensuring optimum performance for all their valued customers, and their visitors. They never oversell their resources, so you will have complete peace of mind with them.


CalPOP.Com Inc - Your Data is your business. Perpect it.

Your Data is your business.  Perpect it.

CalPOP has over 50,000 square feet of world class data center space throughout Downtown Los Angeles, with back-up locations in Dallas and Las Vegas. CalPOP is headquarted at 600 W. 7th Street, Third Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90017. CalPOP is open 24/7/365. CalPOP is the largest dedicated server firm in Los Angeles with the best network and the hottest server deals anywhere.

CalPOP houses thousands of dedicated and co-located servers at its multiple data centers in Downtown Los Angeles. CalPOP is located right at the fiber peering points where hundreds of networks meet, directly on the internet ‘backbone’, meaning you get the best possible connection to the internet. CalPOP’s IP numbers are announced by multiple carriers and they have enough bandwidth overhead so that any one of them, or even multiple carriers, can fail without an impact to operations. If any of these networks go down, even for maintenance, the IPs will continue to be routed and announced by the other networks. This means that the servers at CalPOP stay online.

CalPOP is located right at the peering points of L.A. and peers or purchases transit from the most reliable and fastest networks that they can find. CalPOP’s network is blended for speed with their burstable gigabit fiber connections to all the fastest networks. You can test for yourself by pinging or you can go to, or just go out onto the net and do some testing from around the world from CalPOP provides free 24 hour on-site connectivity related support and free around the clock on-site tech supportfor any network or leased hardware issues.

Support is available 24 hours per day either by phone, trouble ticket, or email. Custom tech and admin support (for example, installing custom scripts) is available for an extra fee. CalPOP has been profitable since day one and was incorporated in 2002. The network was built up one server and one client at a time. In fact, CalPOP is one of the fastest growing private firms, not only in Los Angeles but also nationwide. They believe CalPOP has the friendliest and most helpful tech support team in the industry. CalPOP provides free parts replacement for all its dedicated servers and add-ons. CalPOP has an extensive parts inventory so CalPOP usually has a spare part or spare server available to satisfy your requirements.


Glide Hosting - Hosting this good takes teamwork

Hosting this good takes teamwork

The EZP team handles your hosting experience from start to finish. Their world-class hardware is expertly assembled, designed, tested and deployed personally by the EZP Team. The staffs ensure your server is always up to date, secure and blazing fast. They don't just switch on the light and run the other way like some hosts might. They're there when your email starts acting up.
They've got you covered when you hit the front page of Digg and your blog starts choking. No matter what problem you encounter, you can always depend on the EZP team to help you out. The experienced team at EZP always does the heavy lifting. If something ever goes wrong, they’ve got your back with great personal support. You can call, email or instant message a real person.

Coastland Technologies - Affordable web site hosting

Affordable web site hosting

Coastland Technologies was built on the principle that if they give great service for a fair price, they're going to have customers that like them so well their customer will tell others about them.  Yes, they advertise, with today's market, you can't afford not to, but most of customers are referrals.
They own their own servers and they have customer collocated with backup to a cloud account.  By owning their own servers, they have complete control of how your site is hosted.

BlackSun Inc - BlackSun?



Artmotion -

A bank for your data

Artmotion Ltd Is a privately held data hosting offerer in Switzerland, providing state of the art, highly secure server solutions for businesses of all sizes.
Artmotion is serving businesses in 30 countries, with customer base mostly of medium to large international clients, including Fortune 500 firms.