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Transparent Technologies – General web hosting

 General web hosting

Transparent Technologies provides Bluepay Merchant accounts, so you can start accepting credit card payments online. Bluepay is a leader in merchant services, and their own choice in a merchant offerer. They are also providing SBS SSL Certificates to secure your websites. Their SSL ordering system allows you to place orders online and receive your SSL certificates typically within minutes of ordering.

Their shared hosting packages are great for businesses and even personal sites. While, their reseller packages make the perfect way to start your own hosting business or make some supplemental income. All of their hosting customer's can rest easy knowing one’s data is backed up hourly, and that Their very experienced support team is here to assist them with any queries customer have.


Betterwebspace Hosting – Honest hosting at an honest price

Honest hosting at an honest price

BetterWebSpace started out in the last quarter of 2002, mainly because Keiron decided he didn't want to pay for his own web hosting anymore and thought he could probably get it for free if he hosted websites for a few friends! The truth is it grew far faster than he (or anyone else) expected, and by April 2003 was already making a small profit.

In the early days BetterWebSpace was nothing more than a reseller account for a larger firm, and in fact that reseller account was far smaller than the reseller accounts we offer nowadays.

Steadily they grew, through recommendations and word of mouth advertising they realised there was no better advertisement than their satisfied customers. Their customers recommended them so much that they could stop reselling other people's space and get their own servers.

Over the years they've added more servers, starting with smaller ones and eventually consolidating some of those smaller servers into far bigger, more robust servers in both their US and UK datacenters. They became part of InnovaTech Media Ltd in 2009 and in 2011 BetterWebSpace also became a Nominet registrar allowing them far more control over their pricing of UK domains.

For a long time the business was run on a part-time basis whilst Keiron pinned down other jobs, now there's a far bigger team behind BetterWebSpace that keep it running on a day-to-day basis. This has allowed Keiron and other members of the team to go back to what they really enjoy, making peoples lives simpler through coding and automation, as well as designing customised solutions and sites for their clients.


Zones Web Solution – Best place to host

Best place to host

Zones Web Solution offers shared windows hosting services. They have expanded one’s services by providing Free Reseller hosting packages. Zones Web Solutions always takes a lead to offer advanced technology to customers.


The firms mission is to offer the premier level of technical and customer service and support at affordable prices. Since the founding, Zones Web Solution has grown to host many of domains in over 100 countries around the world. They is still committed to offering the high end hosting and low end pricing that has brought about one’s longevity and success.


StreamlineNet – Our revolutionary Web Hosting platform

Our revolutionary Web Hosting platform

Fuelling British business

Fasthosts is a leading web hosting offerer. Innovation drives one’s business: they've been designing new ways to give customers full control of the internet, since their beginning in 1999. Based in the UK and operating around the clock from their dedicated UK data centers, they keep over 1 million domains running smoothly and ensure over 42 million emails are delivered safely each day.
All their services can be self-managed through the award winning Fasthosts control panel. Services include domain names, shared web hosting, business-class email, dedicated servers, cloud servers, secure online storage and online backup. They also maintain a highly successful reseller channel.

Proven track record

Fasthosts is part of the United Internet Group. United Internet has around 42 million customer accounts at five data centers and around 70,000 servers. It is one of the largest internet hosting firms in the world.
In 2014 they won Computer Shopper magazine Best Web Host Award and they also became a Microsoft Cloud OS Network Partner.

Work for Fasthosts

By focusing on the requirements of customers and employing great people, they've created a profitable, fast moving, market leading organization.


Lightning Servers – Highly available hosting

Highly available hosting

If you're a small to medium sized business looking for a rock-solid, secure web presence at an affordable price, their shared hosting plans are for you. Their shared hosting plans are built on the same high availability infrastructure as their reseller plans to give you unmatched reliability. Your business depends on an accessible website and as a business owner, you have enough worries without the stress of constant downtime and web server issues.

Plans start at an unbeatable $4.95 a month with no setup fees or hidden charges of any kind. Highly available hosting has never been this accessible!


NetNation Web Hosting – To offer advanced solutions that satisfy your evolving requirements

To offer advanced solutions that satisfy your evolving requirements

NetNation Web Hosting provide a wide range of shared web hosting solutions, including starter packages, e-commerce, media streaming, managed hosting, managed services and managed colocation services . Web developers can provide clients a valuable service through their web hosting reseller program . They also offer domain name registration in all the major extensions, .com, .ca, .info, .biz, and more, through their wholly owned subsidiary, DomainPeople®.


Web site hosting and domain name registration is their specialty, and it's what they do best. As a leading web host, their objective is to offer advanced solutions that satisfy your evolving requirements. They understand that their long-term success depends on great service and strong relationships because a true partnership requires trust, understanding, and innovation.


Since the beginning, they have backed their responsive e-business solutions and a robust infrastructure with the best customer service and technical support. A common misconception about the technology industry is that it's all about machines. Not at NetNation. Yes, their state-of-the art data center and infrastructure is unsurpassed. But they are successful because they're committed to supportive e-business solutions, bringing innovation, creativity and a caring attitude to all of their customers' business requirements. They don't just offer live, around the clock support. They listen. Their Service Guarantee.


Synapse Global Corporation - VOIP SOLUTIONS


Synapse Global is a leading VoIP services provider of premium VoIP services for resellers and end users. Based on over 20 years of operating their own equipment in data centers all over the world, Synapse Global leverages its expertise in VoIP hosting to offer innovative and technologically differentiated products and programs.

Synapse Global Corporation offers premium VoIP hosting services and equipment designed to deliver outstanding results for clients from single PBX installations to large regional phone firms to clustered telecom dialer solutions. With phone numbers available in over 60 countries and global call termination service, Synapse Global is able to handle all telecom requires for a global clientele – this is the Synapse Global Advantage.

The firm’s offerings include a full array of VoIP technologies. Synapse Global provides exciting solutions including PBX systems, Calling Card Solutions, Dialer Solutions, vFax solutions, VoIP VPN solutions, VoIP Billing solutions, Mobile Dialers, Mobile SIP clients, telephone numbers in over 60 countries, and much more.  Synapse Global VoIP services are for customers who value performance and results – serving the needs of diverse market segments such as Commercial Property Leasing firms, Political Dialer Providers, Regional Telephone Companies, Calling Card providers, PBX Resellers, SIP trunking providers and more. The power of Synapse Global services makes it attractive for resellers to white label for their clients. A pioneer in the VoIP hosted reseller field, Synapse Global provides products for virtually all VoIP reseller and end user requires.

The firm currently has six VoIP datacenters in the USA, two VoIP datacenters in Europe and one VoIP datacenter in Asia. Synapse Global will be further expanding in Asia and Europe in 2015. Synapse Global offers full sales and customer support in several languages, including English, Spanish and German.


Hosting Metro - Embracing three simple concepts in everything

Embracing three simple concepts in everything 

At Hosting Metro, their number one priority is customers’ success. Through the use of advanced technologies and comprehensive Web hosting solutions, they are dedicated to developing innovative services and offering exceptional support to satisfy customer’s diverse hosting requirements. They are an independent firm located in Seattle, Washington and not a subsidiary or reseller of a larger parent firm.

Throughout their almost 13 years of experience in the Web hosting industry, they have worked to integrate emerging technologies and offer simple-to-use solutions to help customers build and manage their sites the same way they their handle business — project by project.

Hosting Metro moves beyond generic products to offer a range of hosting solutions that improve productivity, increase profitability, and empower customer’s to achieve customer's objectives.  They do this by embracing three simple concepts in everything they do:    

Customer:  Customers are the most important part of  business.  They supply premium support through their innovative Campfire Supporttm system that sets them apart from other providers. For every question they receive, they provide a 360 degree review that incorporates every aspect of their business.  They pride themselves on offering proven, reliable, around the clock support with guaranteed response times.

Reliability: Since their founding in 1998, Hosting Metro has consistently thrived under a proven management structure. The firm has grown, but their ideals still remain the same – getting to know their customers and delivering honest and reliable services that are focused on their customers’ long-term success.

Technology: Hosting Metro consistently invests in the most state-of-the-art technologies, and ensures that they are at the forefront of  offering these technologies in a customer-oriented, easy to use package.  Their internal research and development team continually develops enhanced features that make their services intuitive and easy to use.

By using these three simple concepts as guiding principles, Hosting Metro is working towards helping customers meet their business objectives. If for any reason you are not satisfied with their service or are unable to get the resolution you need, please email them personally and I ensure that you get the result that meets your expectations.          


TenaMax Ltd - The perfect hosting box

Dedicated Servers  Web Hosting Forum Unlimited Reseller
TenaMax Ltd hosting is committed to providing our customers with the top level of service, performance, and commitment so that setting up and maintaining a quality web site is as simple as possible. TenaMax Ltd hosting was created as a next generation service provider.

 They believe in working hard to meet and exceed the needs of their customers. They offer a whole range of web hosting solutions to choose from. Their mission is to radically change the hosting industry by offering new and innovating hosting plans combined with traditional ways of doing business.
  Their goal is to satisfy the needs of clients. Their founders and employees are experienced      webhosting and software development professionals.       
                                                                                                                                                                      Trust your web services to TenaMax Ltd hosting. You will never be left behind in your web technology; your business will be more competitive and save money in the long term.