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9/30/2015 – Every issue has a solution

Every issue has a solution

Over 20 years business, they have the experience in the web hosting industry to know how to do it right. Dedicated Servers, Virtual Private Servers, Domain Hosting,

Web Hosting, Email Hosting, Game Servers, Voice Servers, Web Development, Network Administration, and Managed Services.


ONeilOnline has proven reliability. They wouldn't have been this successful for this long if it wasn't for their outstanding quality of service, quality product, and quality network. ONeilOnline is a company you can trust.


Their professional team is here to serve you. They are available around the clock for support, which means that they are here for you one on one, on a personal level. They believe every issue has a solution, and they don’t stop until you are happy.



AIMwebs - Web is no longer just a luxury, but a nessity

 Web is no longer just a luxury, but a nessity is a web hosting provider of multi-domain cost-effective hosting solutions for individuals and small to medium enterprises. When they established their company in 1995 the Internet and Websites were unknown concepts in most businesses. Today the Internet is the all and everything in the way everyone do business, learn and communicate. The World Wide Web is no longer just a luxury, but a nessity in many people's lives. Not to pass by being a crucial component for business.

AIMwebs made a commitment to excellence from their start in 1995. That commitment defines their products, their prices, their service, and their hosting viewpoint. They strive to offer total reliability, advanced technology, skilled personnel, and quality customer service. Through their portfolio of standardized web hosting plans, dedicated servers, e-commerce, and web-site development services, AIMwebs helps firms and individuals around the world capture their place on the Internet and make it all that it can be today ... and tomorrow. They utilize dedicated servers along with standard open architecture for their web services. AIMwebs will continue to utilize progressive technology to make your web presence seamless for you, your clients, and your internal users.
AIMwebs is a privately owned firm established in 1995 that has no debt, is profitable, and has NO intentions of selling any time soon. They offer service to hundreds of websites on their shared and reseller plans. They are NOT the world's leading provider of hosting or reseller accounts, and they have no desire to be that. But they do have the MOST loyal clients who have chosen them to offer the network, servers, and support required to build client's internet websites.


Delta Small Business Services -

Vancouver BC Web Hosting - Fast, Reliable and Affordable...

Delta provides a completely range of Web Hosting options from small website hosting to fully dedicated servers. Their servers are located with in a Super Secure Data Centre, served by really fast, really realiable fiber optic connections and utilizes multiple Internet offerers. The facility is suited with waterless fire-suppression systems, UPS and back-up generators, and environmental controls to ensure high-quality, pauseless service. The datacenter is continuously monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Their hosting packages include many features such as Plesk or CPanel Control Panel Access, webmail, detailed statistics and support a wide variety of technologies. They can have you setup in minutes with your website often accessible in less than 20 minutes!


Goldvision - Virtual Dedicated Servers

Virtual Dedicated Servers

Ready to go
Each MicroRack server comes complete with it's own dedicated web, ftp, MySQL and Dovecot IMAP and POP3 servers. The Advanced and Professional systems have dedicated name servers (DNS). Common development packages like Perl, PHP5 or the C compiler GCC are preinstalled and additional languages like Python or Ruby are accessable in the FreeBSD ports library.

Equipped with Intel Xeon und i7 processors, DDR3 RAM and fast and dependable high capacity SATA-II based ZFS storage, the MicroRack hostsystems are made for highest performance and in contrast to most other virtualization solutions, the FreeBSD UNIX virtualization (Jail) guarantees native CPU and I/O speed.

Security MicroRack servers are "semi-managed". FreeBSD applies a firm separation between the core operating system and third party software. The core FreeBSD installation is located on a managed, secure read-only partition in that regular updates of all of the core operating system software will be continually updated as the latest versions become available so there is no need for you to have to compile your own versions or install patches and bug fixes as these updates and installations will be handled for you by their support team. You never have to worry about the most basic parts of your OS being troubled.
All of the data on your MicroRack server is automatically backed up on separate file systems once daily. If you need the restoration of any data you can request that a specific file or directory be replaced for you from the backup archive.

Take Control The MicroRack servers provide full
root/superuser access as well as the Web Control Panel System for both the main server administrator and all of the virtual sub-hosting users. The various features and services on the MicroRack system can be executed easily with a JavaScript enabled web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari. The web interface allows you to create and manage user accounts, set up domain based web sites, manage email accounts and aliases, access web site statistics and much more. The virtual sub-hosting site users can be allowed the ability to create and manage their own user accounts which can be allocated with both hard and soft disk space portions and a maximum number of user and/or email accounts. Both the main administrative and end user client control panels are accessable in 10 different languages, English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian, Greek, Albanian, Italian and Dutch with additional languages to follow in future.

7/01/2015 - For Dedicated Servers owners,

Support tip

For Dedicated Servers owners,
Please confirm that you offer your server's primary IP address and/or hostname when you submit your ticket.

For Shared/Reseller Hosting owners,
Please confirm that you offer your domain name when you submit your ticket.

It is good practice to include as much details as necessary for them to copy your issue. For example, for email server login issues, to include the login /password for them to run their tests.

Tickets are answered by priority, and by the order in which they are received. While they aim to respond as promptly as possible, however it may take 1-2 hours to reply during unusually busy periods.


Page-Zone -

Open for business at the dawn of the Internet generation – in January 1999 after a poor experience with outsourced web hosting provider, they knew they could do it better. Page-Zone has gone from providing a simple web hosting service for one city web site connected to the world out of a dial up modem, 100MHz, Packard Bell server to offering web hosting, dedicated servers, and colocation to customers worldwide. Now centrally located in a 38,000 square foot fully concrete hardened building at the network center of the United States.

Page-Zone can deliver network services to your Internet customers with unparalleled performance through rock solid systems Cisco Networks backed by a full multi-gigabit and sonet networks. Their network is strategically located near the Notre Dame campus in the American midwest which gives equal network performance to East, West and Southern United States and Canada. They utilize several carriers meshed together through BGP (border gateway protocol) and can deliver connectivity to almost every major network backbone in under 5 milliseconds!