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Wolf Web Solutions – Web sites made easy

Web sites made easy

Wolf Web Solutions have developed and managed many successful web sites for their customers. 

For over fifteen years they have been building a strong reputation for delivering quality and affordable Internet services. They make setting up an effective web site easy! They'll help you through the entire development process - from choosing a domain name, to web site design, to using the web site tools for site updates.

Affordable, Simple, Professional A great web site helps you build a good relationship with your customers. Choosing a Web Site designer with extensive experience and resources helps to ensure that your web site is an affordable and effective marketing tool for your business.


Nethosters – Comprehensive array of high-quality web services

Comprehensive array of high-quality web services

NetHosters is dedicated to helping individuals and businesses create and manage a robust online presence, simply and economically. Established in 1997, NetHosters has grown considerably by offering a comprehensive array of high-quality web services backed by superior customer service and support.

As a total web solutions provider, their product offerings include virtual, e-commerce, and managed server web hosting solutions. They also provide domain registration, custom web development, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Through partnerships with trusted industry leaders, they are also able to provide vital development tools designed to help your business grow such as: website promotion, SSL certificates, and Merchant Accounts.


Host Ignition – The basic principles of Host Ignition

The basic principles of Host Ignition

Host Ignition is to ignite your web presence by offering first-rate, low-cost, state-of-the-art Linux web hosting solutions that are fast, friendly and stable completely eliminating frustration, confusion and wasted time. They strive to combine the two qualities, economy and performance, together in their solutions.

Host Ignition is to level the playing field by offering small and mid-sized businesses robust, reliable, and affordable solutions that will help them found a solid Internet presence. This enables them to compete with the big competitors to gain and maintain their fair share of the online market through dedicating their time and budget on their services instead of having to worry about their website's stability.

They focus on only one operating system with empowers them to leverage an extensive amount of knowledge and talent to deliver affordable, scalable, stable and efficient platforms to clients. They offer five different packages with generous capacities and features to satisfy various levels of requirement without creating confusion and frustration in the service selection process, PLUS, they provide one of the lowest prices on the Internet!

Host Ignition are committed to offering performance-oriented services through continuous, frequent improvements of servers, network and customer service. In addition, they are committed to taking exceptional care of their customers making sure that each and every requirement is met. They do not expect their customers to conform to what they offer. Top-Quality Web Hosting Service & Customer Care are their top priority!


Dead Serious - Providing top quality products and services at incredible prices

Providing top quality products and services at incredible prices has been offering Web Hosting services since early February, 2002. Their mission is to continue offering reliable, honest, and friendly Web Hosting services at competitive rates.

They know you want affordable, freindly, and reliable Web Hosting with great service and support. offers affordable Web Hosting for personal and small to large business Web sites located all over the world. They have hosting plans to adjust Web sites of all sizes, from small to medium to large sites.

All's shared and reseller Web hosting plans include a 30 day money back guarantee. is setting a new standard in the Web Hosting industry by providing completely featured, reliable, and speedy hosting with great service and support at a fraction of the cost.


They are 100% committed to continue providing top quality products and services at incredible prices for years to come. They love happy customers, and you can rest assured you will be happy hosting your domains with

9/02/2015 – Provides a unique opportunity to be creative

Provides a unique opportunity to be creative

Easy. Cost-effective And just a little bit fun. That's what BizLand want life to be like for you when you choose BizLand.

Having a Web site provides a unique opportunity to be creative and experiment a little ... to make a big impression without exerting a lot of time or money. Eventually, you can change a Web page in a lot less time and for a lot less money than you can update a brochure or sign.


Based on the name, you might have guessed that most of their customers are small business owners. And they do everything they can to make sure that having a Web site helps you enhance your business without draining your time, money—or patience.


Of course, they also work with designers, individuals, families, civic groups, non-profit organizations, hospitals, libraries and a host (no pun intended) of other folks who require Web sites. Their memberships, tools and control panel are powerful enough to support sophisticated users and still simple enough for beginners.


In fact, they joke internally that their job is as much about being teachers as it is about being hosters. They want to help customers grow—grow their Web sites, grow their businesses, grow their skill sets.

247 Hosts - All their hosting plans do not carry set up fees

All their hosting plans do not carry set up fees provides web site design, domain name registration and web site hosting services. All their hosting plans do not carry set up fees:


Linux Hosting:

20 mb space, 1 gb traffic, 10 email accounts

from C$6.40 per month  


100 mb space, 3 gb traffic, 50 email accounts, php, mysql, web-based email

from C$10.40 per month


Web Panache - One customer at a time

One customer at a time

Web Panache  was established in 1996 and has been steadily growing ever since. Their headquarters are located in sunny Greenwood Village, CO near the Denver Tech Center. All staffs have extensive backgrounds in computer science and years of personal experience supporting people and projects of all kinds. Although they support an wide range of customer types in many, their focus is on small to medium sized businesses in need of internet expertise.
They would like you to consider Web Panache an extension of your own IT staff, or your one-stop-shop for outsourcing all of your web related projects. Although a "high-tech" business, Web Panache was built the old-fashioned way; one customer at a time.  It is family owned, cash-flow positive and maintains the personalized commitment to the customer you would expect from a private service provider.  They really do go "the extra mile" to make your experience on the web efficient, cost-effective and rewarding.


Webporter - Need An Effective Web Strategy For Your Business?

Need An Effective Web Strategy For Your Business?

Most businesses reach a fraction of their online potential in terms of attracting visitors, leads, customers and sales. How do you feel? Does your business maximise leads, customers and sales on the Web?
If you have an founded business and know more can be done online but aren't exactly sure what, then they want to help you. They can offer your business with a proven Web Marketing Strategy that works to get more customers.

proven online marketing strategies to maximise online profits

methods to maximise leads and customers through your website

advice on how to outperform and dominate your competitors online.

You will benefit from reading practical information founded upon working Internet marketing practices and their professional experience successfully implementing solutions for enterprise firms, manufacturers and local businesses.

Equip yourself with a strategy proven to get more online customers without being locked into any particular website software. You will be offered with practical phases that you can either implement yourself OR you can get started with their expertise.

It is comprised of four main steps that operate like clockwork, that once setup will generate online customers for you on auto-pilot. Even if you implement only some phases I'm confident you’ll benefit by increasing your customers and sales.


iHost - Powerful Web Hosting

Powerful Web Hosting

iHost Networks has been offering powerful, reliable and cost-effective web hosting for over 15 years to small and medium size businesses. They have tens of thousands of happy customers under their belt - providing outstanding service to help your business thrive on the web.  They also provide services for your business from web design, search engine optimization and e-commerce hosting to shared hostng. Many businesses have trusted them to help drive customers to their sites!
iHost Networks utilizes Microsoft Azure® cloud hosting and Amazon Web  Services® to host our network.  That means they utilize the world-class datacenters and security to offer a rock solid hosting platform boasting an uptime of over 99.9%!