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W2Kx-Web – Special hosting offer

Special hosting offer

At W2Kx-Web, they offer Windows® Hosting plans with the latest version of Windows. Currently their services ride on Windows® 2003 servers with all the latest security and patches.


Why choose Us?  Your website deserves the best quality of service. If your site is mission critical  and needs a reliable, always up presence then W2Kx-Web is the hosting choice! They provide clean server environments , this means their servers are not overloaded or allowed activity which may harm your website. Their network is monitored 24x7 to prevent abuse and to ensure the best quality of service for your website.

Their 7 day money back guarantee  ensures you will be happy with your shared web hosting service.


FastASP – Hosting platforms you can trust

 Hosting platforms you can trust

FastASP are a firm that prides itself in offering dependable .Net hosting and support to all customers, whatever their size. They have over 5 years experience in the hosting and support of web site built on Microsoft platforms. They specialize in only Microsoft technologies and hence the technical ASP.NET support you can expect from them is very well informed. They provide cost effective web hosting solutions on windows server, domain registration and web design and programming services.


Zylink – Provide a variety of competitively priced hosting solutions

Provide a variety of competitively priced hosting solutions

ZyLink is a leader in business class web hosting. Zylink focuses on the requirements of independent web developers and corporate IT managers. They provide a variety of competitively priced hosting solutions.

Load balancing, clustering, backup and security services are among the many additional services they provide.

They utilize high performance Windows and Linux Servers from Dell and Sun. Since 1998 Zylink has always offered the advanced in server-side technologies.

Webonline – Offer a sound basis for your continued online growth

Offer a sound basis for your continued online growth

Webonline borned in July 1998. The initial idea was that Webonline would design websites and would offer in-house hosting to the clients whose websites were designed by Webonline. Webonline however changed focus within a very short period of time to become the leading web hosting firm in South Africa.

Webonline's price to service ratio is hard to beat in the South African hosting market. Whether you're an online entrepreneur or a JSE listed firm, they can provide you a wide range of web hosting solutions and services, to suit your exact business and IT requirements. The expertise of their team and the integrity of their infrastructure offer a sound basis for your continued online growth.

Webonline combines web hosting, domain name registration, high-speed dedicated connections and e-commerce under one roof, backed with prime support. Their infrastructure includes Red Hat Linux servers, Microsoft Windows 2000 and 2003 servers. Database services are catered for in the form of Microsoft SQL 2000 servers (MS Sql), MySQL and Microsoft Access (MS Access). Dedicated server hosting, email virus scanning, spam blocking, SMS (short message service) integration, email list systems, fax-to-email and email-to-fax are just some of the other services on offer.

Webonline has a large client base in South Africa and also offer services to a large number of international clients with hosting requirements in South Africa.



Technetex Canada - The Affordable ASP & ASP.NET Web Hosting Solution

The Affordable ASP & ASP.NET Web Hosting Solution


Technetex Canada specializes in ASP and ASP.NET web hosting on the Windows 2008 web hosting platform. Their services are backed by their around the clock Network Monitoring and Support, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, 99.9% Uptime Guarantee and a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee! The bottom line? If you are not fully satisfied with their service and support they’ll give you your money back, no questions asked! Order online today and experience the difference.


Urja Online - Foundation of honesty, transparency and integrity

Who is Urja Online?

Urja Online is a Provider of Reliable & Affordable Web Hosting & Reseller Hosting services on Windows and Linux servers.
Privately held, Urja Online is a Web Hosting Solution division  of OBizTek ( A SEO Company)  The company is established in August 2000 & headed by Ajay Jain who is Bachelor of Engineering with long corporate experience .
The company is directed by seasoned management with many years of experience in Internet and related technologies. A proven track record of hosting several Websites consistently helping us to grow by performance.
Urja Online has been built on a foundation of honesty, transparency and integrity, something they feel is sorely lacking in many parts of the hosting industry. Their understanding of advance Online Business Technologies has allowed them to develop one of the most stable and responsive hosting environment for any web sites.

They believe 24x7x365 service should be handled by Network Administrators, not a "help desk", so answers are given quickly and accurately. E-mail support should be handled within a couple of hours, not a couple of days.


Their mission is to make Web Hosting Solutions "Simple & Affordable". By offering the best optimization of power, flexibility and service to the clients exact web hosting need - will the guiding principals to accomplish vision.

Whether you are an expert web site developer or a beginner  web site builder, Urja Online believes that the process of launching web sites should be simple and trouble-free. They make it easy for the customer to choose the web-hosting package and building tools that best suits his needs. They believe our tools and resources speak for themselves, but if the customer needs a little help, their experienced support team is ready to answer customer questions promptly and accurately.