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Webonline – Offer a sound basis for your continued online growth

Offer a sound basis for your continued online growth

Webonline borned in July 1998. The initial idea was that Webonline would design websites and would offer in-house hosting to the clients whose websites were designed by Webonline. Webonline however changed focus within a very short period of time to become the leading web hosting firm in South Africa.

Webonline's price to service ratio is hard to beat in the South African hosting market. Whether you're an online entrepreneur or a JSE listed firm, they can provide you a wide range of web hosting solutions and services, to suit your exact business and IT requirements. The expertise of their team and the integrity of their infrastructure offer a sound basis for your continued online growth.

Webonline combines web hosting, domain name registration, high-speed dedicated connections and e-commerce under one roof, backed with prime support. Their infrastructure includes Red Hat Linux servers, Microsoft Windows 2000 and 2003 servers. Database services are catered for in the form of Microsoft SQL 2000 servers (MS Sql), MySQL and Microsoft Access (MS Access). Dedicated server hosting, email virus scanning, spam blocking, SMS (short message service) integration, email list systems, fax-to-email and email-to-fax are just some of the other services on offer.

Webonline has a large client base in South Africa and also offer services to a large number of international clients with hosting requirements in South Africa.



Webstar India - Bulk SMS service provider

 Bulk SMS service provider

WEBSTAR (INDIA) is one of the oldest and leading Bulk SMS service provider in India. They offer Bulk SMS service on a flat rate of 11 paise for any volume over 1 Lakh SMS and 20 paise for anything lower than that. They only sell cheap SMS with best quality route which is almost like Premium SMS and deliver as soon as possible. They work only on two rate policy. For exemple  one rate for Bulk SMS volumes and second rate for small SMS packs